5 Building Blocks Of Health
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The 5 Building Blocks of Health Synergy For Optimal Health.

This 5 week course will spoon feed you knowledge. Universal knowledge that is true for every one and every thing.

   …even your pets would benefit from the Principles taught here.

This course is meant to open your mind to the real facts of health... air, water, nutrition, sleep, and natural energy.

3 videos  -  3 articles   -   3 times a week
for 5 weeks

  1. I will send you 3 videos and 3 articles, 3 times a week on each subject.
  2. Reading the headlines and skim-reading the articles should be enough to give you a good overview. Most videos will be 3 to 9 minutes long... about as long as watching something on Facebook.
  3. When you find something that peaks you interest, I encourage you to research it further on your own time. ---you know, Google it for more information. Doing your own research in invaluable.

In addition, I may send Ted Talks or some other lecture for a more in depth look.

It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3     ...So let's get started:

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FREE eCourse: Synergy in Health

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     I promise to save you 15 – 30% on ways to implement these principles into your own lifestyle and create your own

“Synergy For Optimal Health”

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Cindy Judd

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 PS. My object in making this offer is (1) to help you become the healthiest you can be (2) to show you how you can improve your own health (3) so the treatments and advice from the Doctors will *work quicker,*work better, and with *less side effects, *with less medication than if you followed the same treatment plan in an unhealthy body.

Go ahead, do it now. Your Doctor will thank you.

PSS No one will contact you unless you ask me to. I am an Independent Wellness Consultant and always available by emailcj@eco-wellness-store.com

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Synergy For Optimal Health

A price anyone can afford.

FREE eCourse: Synergy in Health