Are You Ready

Are You Ready???

    ... to start doing the things that are IN YOUR POWER to do ...

Doctors can only work with what we give them.

It is OUR job to do what WE can...  We shouldn't expect Doctors to make us healthy when we are unable to do it ourselves!  Doctors help the body to heal itself. If your body has lost that power, there is not much the Doctor can do expect try to make us comfortable in our unhealthy situation.

Start with a healthy body and then if something goes wrong, Doctors can help fix it. But, given a body broken down, in poor condition, and all you will get a patch.

  If you are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired...


Are You Ready??

       Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Health?

Mother Nature is tired and sick. She can't do her job like She use to.

What is that job ??? ... cleaning up after us.

In the past, Mother Nature

  • purified the water,
  • cleaned the air,
  • produced nutritious food,
  • and provided the calm, relaxing, healing frequencies necessary for good health.

Today we have

Polluted the atmosphere,

Exhausted our clean water supply,

Depleted the soil of nutrients,

and Filled the air with harmful radio waves.

The evidence is all around us...printed in every magazine...reported in every news station.

Take advantage of this 


What are we humans to do to survive?

      Yes, we should work together to clean up the air.

    Yes, we should work together to clean up the water.

  Yes, we should work together to restore balance to our eco system

... but, honestly, until mankind comes together on these issues, nothing will change.

But we can purify our own living environment.

The space we live in is really all we have control over.

What Are We To Do?

In the past, when people were sick, we quarantined them.

We put them in a place by themselves to limit the spreading of germs and disease.

Now-a-day it is not only people who are sick that spreads death, it is the very air we breath and the water we drink.

Today we need to quarantine Wellness IN.   Make our homes a safe house where we can revitalize and rejuvenate.

Are You Ready?

Every trip starts with one step.... so it is with good health.

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If you are looking for improve the condition of your health,

REMEMBER: Doing what you've always done,

Will get you what you've always got.

Protect Yourself

The unseen, undetectable, things in the air cause

  • eye irritation,
  • breathing problems

and contribute to

  • asthma, OCD
  • bronchitis
  • skin irritations

Poor Nutrition and Heavy Metal Overload can cause

  • Brian Fog
  • Depression
  • Stiff Joints

Have you come to that health crisis that will motivate you to do something different?

What will it take for you to

Do Something Different?

Make your commitment now: 

I commit now to do it. I will listen and read every part of this e course  BECAUSE: (now write what is your reason for wanting to improve your health?)_________________

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