Cetyl Myristoleate Joint Medication

Cetyl Myristoleate joint medication is not really a medication at all. It is an all natural supplement that has been proven as effective as prescription arthritis medications in relieving stiffness and restoring range of motion. (Journal of Rhematology, August 2003).

CM Complex, EPA and DHA (known as Cetyl Myristoleate, (also known as CM or CMO) It is all natural, and unlike other NSAIDs, it has no reports of harmful side effects.

Professional Studies

In the study published in the Journal of Rhematology, August 2003, CM Complex, EPA and DHA (known as Cetylated Fatty Acids or CFA ) to produce a promising results of this all natural combination as a replacement for NSAIDs.

The participants of the study reported in study entitled Cetylated Fatty Acids Improve Knee Function in Patients with Osteoarthritis, continued with their prescribed medication while doing the test.

The conclusion states:

    “The CFA provided relief even for those individuals also receiving traditional medications.…In summary, the use of a cetylated fatty acid complex improved knee range of motion and function in patients with OA of the knee of 5 to 6 years’ duration.”1

And there were no adverse reactions in any of the participants studied.
Quoting from the Article, Cetyl Myristoleate For Natural Joint Pain Relief...

    CM is a natural compound showing promise for natural joint pain relief* and requires no prescription to buy it. It is not a drug. Therefore there is no need for doctors to prescribe it.

    CM has been studied at the U.S. National Institutes for Health for more than 25 years and there have been no side effects to report, ...aside from providing natural joint pain relief*, decrease in joint inflammation and stiffness, and joint range of motion.

Recently, clinical application studies were conducted by a San Diego Clinic showed

    No harmful short or long term effects were ever observed in humans or in laboratory animals, even in extremely high doses.

  • It is not habit-forming and contains no harsh chemicals or drugs that can cause side effects.

  • It works in a natural manner by acting at the site of joint inflammation; is highly resistant to oxidation; has a relatively long life in the body.

Cetyl Myristoleate For Natural Joint Pain Relief...

Cetyl Myristoleate supplement

Cetyl Myristoleate Joint Medication

The product used in this study was Bio-Directed Kenzen Joint.

The randomized double blind Phase III placebo study was done by an independent research group.

It showed that the Joint was effective on 96% of the people who took it.

This double blind study was done on 93 sufferers of Osteo-Arthritis, who have been diagnosed with OA for an average of 6 years. 52 men and 41 women, aged 37-77 over a period of 60 day treatment period where 96% of them found relief after two months.

For fast acting relief, use CM Complex Cream , is an effective soothing topical cream. Nothing works faster, with better relief than CM Cream

1 Effect of Cetylated Fatty Acid Topical Cream on Functional Mobility and Quality of Life of Patients with Osteoarthritis, by William J. Kraemer, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Jeffrey M. Anderson, Carl M. Maresh, David P. Piberio, Michael E. Joyce, Barry N. Messinger, Duncan N. French, Matthew J. Sharman, Martyn R. Rubin, Ana L. Gomez, Jeff s. Volek and Robert L. Hesslink Jr. Submitted April 11, 2003; revision accepted August 5, 2003.

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How Cetyl Myristoleate Was Discovered
Discovered by Dr. Harry W. Diehl, while employed by the National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism, and Digestive Diseases.

Natural Joint Relief
Cetyl Myristoleate is also very useful in relieving joint discomfort following exercise. It helps to nourish and maintain the natural lubricating fluid in joints and cartilage.

Cetyl Myristoleate For Natural Joint Relief
Natural joint pain relief with no side effects.