Chatter Batter Books
About the Authors

Chatter Batter is the brain child of Malynda Bjerregaard, a communication major and mother of three. While studying at Utah State University, Malynda discovered a lack of supplemental reading materials for parents and speech therapists, so she, her sister, Cristy Judd, and mother, Cindy Judd, determined to write fun, entertaining children stories to fill the void.

The team of advisers who review the stories and provide professional guidance are: Fawntell Mogle licensed speech pathologists, Craig Robert, Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in child play therapy, and Vira Blake and Veda Hale, published authors.

But, by far the most important part in a children book are the illustrations. The illustrators for Chatter Batter are two very talented graphic artists, Jed Judd and Shawn Barlow. The two brother-in-laws, have the imagination and talent to bring the stories to life.

All of these professional have a sincere desire to help children succeed in life.

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