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Chatter Batter Books is a series of children storybooks where you can read free children books online with Amazon Kindle and Amazon Prime


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Chatter Batter stories are designed to help with speech development in young children and those learning English as a Second Language.

But there are other additional advantages to our books. 

Reading to young children enhances their ability to learn.

Amazon Reviews

By Sunshine on February 2, 2011

I purchased this book for my preschoolers. We love the stories. The information for parents in the back was a real bonus. I would recommend this to anyone, not just those who's child needs help with their speech. The information about how to help slow readers is very good.


Great gift for speech therapist

By KH on June 30, 2012

Gave as part of gift to my son's speech teacher at end of year- the only letter he has not mastered is the 'R' 

Chatter Batter Books
 are fun, entertaining and beautifully illustrated children picture books to read online or off. 

The stories are intentionally short to hold the attention of any child to the end of the story ...and on to the activity page.

BUT Remember

....Infants and preschoolers may have a limited attention span and

  • may prefer to talk about the illustrations and listen to the predictable text instead of reading the entire book. 

This is totally normal and still proves the same benefits.

....For those who are struggling with English as a Second Language,

  • re- reading the story over and over will help you focus on the sound both visually and auditory, one phoneme at a time. 
  • Simply listening to others speak is not enough to master the English language. Most English speakers slur their words and so it makes it hard to learn the phenoms of English.


Other Chatter Batter Books Coming Soon as Free Online Kindle Children Books

The Birthday Cake (‘h’, ‘s’, ‘w’, and ‘th’)

Four Fat Frogs (a practice of the ‘f’ sound)

Travis and Trevor (a practice of the ‘tr’ sound)

Grandma Wiggles Giggles (‘gg’ in the middle)

What Makes a ‘t’ a ‘tr’? (three sounds of T: ‘t’, ‘tr’, and ‘th’)

Play At The Park? (a practice of the ‘p’ sound)

Floppy Loppy Hopper ( ‘pp’ in the middle)

Trucks Have Trailers (‘tr’ sound)

Who Likes Hats? (‘h’ sound)

Belly Button Books

(for beginning sounds)

Little book of 'D' (in three age levels)

Little Book of 'B' (in three age levels)

Fun for Reading …          Reading for Fun

Author's Special

Chatter BatterFour stories for speech development

Coming Soon

Chatter Batter Books is a series of online children story books where you can  
read for free
with Amazon Kindle or Amazon Prime