Who Is Cindy Judd, Owner of TreeSap Enterprises

Hello.  My name is Cindy Judd. I am a downwind survivor.* I am the owner of TreeSap Enterprises and the eco-wellness-store.com.

A “Downwinder” is the term they gave those of us in Southern Utah that got cancer from the nuculear testing done in Arizona between 1945 and 1980.

Mine was the classic case of fallout-related cancer. I filed for, and received, the government's $50,000 assistance for breast cancer treatment.**

I was born in 1952. I got breast cancer I 2005.

I say 'I had breast cancer', because it has been 10 years now.

Not only did I have cancer, but my children have all been sick since childhood. Obscure things like,stomach aches, sleep problems, ear aches, tonsillitis, strep infections, bladder infections, swelling in the joints,  headaches, irritability, constipation and diarrhea, concentration problems, noise sensitivity, strep infections that would not go away, candida, fatigue, were just a few of the problems they had. They were always sick. 

But, that is not what I wanted to talk to you about.

You can read my story on HubPages if you want to know more about my life as a downwinder... The biggest thing about my cancer story is I detoxed myself using Nikken eco products, and creating a wellnessenvironment.

I never got sick from the cancer treatments. My toes and fingers did not loose their feeling, my mouth did not get that metallic taste, and I did not get the bone aches. My oxygen and blood levels remained good, and I never got sick from being out in public like so many do when their immune system is compromised by the chemo.

---Well, except for once.

One time, after the chemotherapy treatment, I went with my husband on a business trip. I though I could just rest in the motel room as easily as I could at home.

I started having a headache shortly after we got there, but I thought I could just sleep it off. But, it just got worse. 

    ..this is a story for another day. The biggest thing about this story is that without this experience, I'm not sure if I would have known the power of a Wellness Home and eco products.

You see, a Wellness environment works somewhat like breathing air. It's not until you become deficient in it that you realize how important it is. THEN you know.

The reason I stay with Nikken is because someone once said to me:

“If you knew something that would help your friends and neighbors, and you didn't tell them about it, and they died, how would you feel?” 

Because of my experience with cancer, I feel an obligation to tell you about it.

That is what drives me. That is why I keep this website up. It is not about the money. It is about me knowing something that you may not know that would help you. 

It is my responsibility to tell you.
It is your responsibility to make the decision to help yourself.

My Wellness Home

I have been living ins a Wellness Home for over 15 years. Except for switching up the nutritionals, I have never changed. I am still healthy. And I still don't have doctor bills. I have paid for the cost of the Wellness Home in savings from going to the doctor. And I feel good about helping the environment by using eco products.

Prevention really is better than Cure.

I have saved TIME and MONEY

If you eat, drink water, sleep, and breath air... you need these total wellness products

Our world is more polluted than ever. Toxins are all around us. Unless we 'detox' every night by drinking the water and breathing clean ionized air and walk around on good healthy magnets (emp detoxing), you are at risk.

When you go green and purchase eco products, you can feel good knowing you have become part of the solution, rather than the problem.

Please take the time to understand what I am talking about.

Good health isn't about taking a pill to keep your heart from failing, or your diabetes in check, or your arthritis from crippling, or depression from getting you down. It's about feeling good, feeling happy, feeling like living. 

I don't know how to tell it any better or stronger or with more conviction than this. 

I think the most common statement I hear from people at the Nikken conventions is: Nikken gave me my life back.

Wouldn't you like to say that too?

You can buy these Simply Superior Products from me with never have to join  MLM.

Feel good about purchasing eco products that are earth friendly.

By doing that, you are doing your part.

Protect Yourself

The unseen, undetectable, things in the air cause

  • eye irritation,
  • breathing problems

and contribute to

  • asthma, OCD
  • bronchitis
  • skin irritations

Poor Nutrition and Heavy Metal Overload can cause

  • Brian Fog
  • Depression
  • Stiff Joints

Have you come to that health crisis that will motivate you to do something different?

What will it take for you to

Do Something Different?

Make your commitment now: 

I commit now to do it. I will listen and read every part of this e course  BECAUSE: (now write what is your reason for wanting to improve your health?)_________________

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