Dr James Howenstine, MD on Liquid Zeolite

Dr James Howenstine, MD, known simply as "Dr. Jim" to thousands of patients has written about the healing benefits of zeolite.

It is impressive that any product can say in their advertizing that their product can do these things:

  • Remove Toxic Heavy Metals (uranium, aluminum, lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium etc). This improves enzyme function

  • Trap and remove viral particles from the body

  • Improve immune function so colds and influenza are less likely to occur

  • Improve pH levels so infectious organisms have a less favorable site to survive

  • Trap protons in the digestive tract making acid reflux less troublesome

  • Improve nutrient absorption

  • Removal of toxins and chemicals improves immune function

  • Trapping allergens in blood and digestive tract decreases symptoms from inhaled and swallowed antigens

  • Absorptive action in the intestines may stop diarrhea

  • Can be of great value in life threatening and chronic disease states

A two part article written by Dr. Howenstine in August 24, 2006, published in News With Views titled: NATURAL CELLULAR DEFENSE [ZEOLITE] is by far the best article I have found supporting the use of the ingestible form of zeolite. I highly recommend reading it in its entirety.

Dr Howenstine is convinced that natural products are safer, more effective and less expensive than pharmaceutical drugs.

In that article he states:

    "Zeolites are minerals formed when molten lava contacts water from lakes or ocean. A specific member of the zeolite family of minerals called “clinoptilolite” has a unique honeycomb like structure which has the ability to trap and bind toxins, heavy metals, viral particles, and other impurities so these substances can be removed from the body.

    Zeolite has a great affinity for heavier metals such as mercury, uranium, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum and a lesser affinity for metals of lower weight (lead, calcium, magnesium)."

Dr James Howenstine, is a board certified specialist in internal medicine who spent 34 years caring for office and hospital patients. Curiosity sparked a 4 year study of natural health products when 5 of his patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis were able to discontinue the use of methotrexate (chemotherapy agent)…

Maintaining a healthy pH is an important element to health. If the blood doesn not, or can not, maintain a pH around 7.4 you will die.

When Zeolite is ingested in a form that the bloodstream can absorb, it helps maintain a healthy level. Quoting the same article, Dr. Howenstine explains:

    "Normal body pH is slightly alkaline at 7.4. When the body pH falls to consistently low values 5 chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, serious infections and arteriosclerosis may appear. Oxygen levels correlate with pH levels so acidic pH levels are associated with low oxygen levels in tissues. Hydrogen ions are small so they do not get trapped in zeolite. However, their acidic effect is balanced by the presence of alkaline zeolite leading to a neutral more healthy pH where disease has a harder time flourishing."

Dr Howenstine is convinced that natural products are safer, more effective and less expensive than pharmaceutical drugs.

This research led to the publication of his book 'A Physicians Guide To Natural Health Products That Work'by Dr James Howenstine . This book and the recommended health products are available from www.naturalhealthteam.com and by calling 1-800-416-2806 U.S.A.

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