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Do You Know The Health Risks Of Heavy Metal Poisoning?

Starting at $12.00 each, Osumex Heavy Metal Test Kits.

Metals testing is important if you are experiencing brain fog, unexplained discomfort such as chronic fatigue, neurological neuropathy, fibromyalgia.

Toxic metals can impede development and normal brain functioning.

Testing for Heavy Metals well also measure for levels of minerals essential for normal growth and good health.

It is equally important to measure levels of minerals, which play an essential part in numerous physiochemical reactions within body cells.

These reactions include receiving nutrients, emulsifying, absorbing vitamins, transforming energy, eliminating toxins, and many other functions of the body.

...if you are concerned, talk to your doctor about testing for heavy metals. Or you can do it yourself with Osumex Heavy Metal Test Kits .

Osumex Heavy Metal Test Kits are easy to use and easy to understand. Osumex also has a very knowledgeable staff who are happy to answer your questions and help you understand your personal test results.

The Heavy Metals test kits are designed especially to detect the presence of toxic heavy metals in the body using urine or saliva. They can also be used to detect heavy metals in most clear liquid medium. It is important to check the presence of heavy metals because they are the main cause of excessive free radical activity, which can cause damage to the healthy state of the body including depleting the body's immune system.

The Heavy Metals Test kits can also be used to confirm the presence of metals/minerals in food such as iron in rice, etc.

Heavy Metals Test kits test the presence of heavy metals ions with a high degree of accuracy. They report the findings in parts per billion {ppb} and million {ppm}. They can measure the amount of Heavy Metals in the human body as well as in a wide range of materials found in food and the environment.

For a fraction of the cost of having a doctor do it for you, you can test yourself, evaluate the results and then seek appropriate solutions to detoxing.

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Simple Steps To Detox From Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals and Chemical Poisoning is part of our everyday life. You can not avoid them.

  • We breath them.
  • We eat them.
  • We drink them.
  • We even absorb them through our hands and skin.

    Most Simple Solution?

    Detox with Redmond Clay.
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    Healing With Magnets

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    Barley Grass

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