Kenko Air Home Room Purifier Features and Benefits

 Indoor Air Quality -- FACTS

We are indoors 90 percent of the time. More than 65 percent of that is spent at home. This can mean exposure to very high levels of indoor air pollution.

Daily contact with airborne contaminants in a home can be from two to five times higher — some times as much as 100 times higher — than outdoor pollutants.

Dust, pet dander, pollen and odors are typically in household air. Carpeting, furniture, paint, cleaning agents, building materials, paneling and glues can emit chemical vapors.

Mold, mildew and dust mites may be present.

Even gases such as radon and carbon monoxide are found in many homes.

KenkoAir Features -- FACTS

•Laboratory-Quality Filtration

Advanced, Professional Quality UPLA filtration. Reduces or removes multiple forms of pollution, for the cleanest indoor air you will ever experience.

•Negative-ion Generator

Produces negative ions, like those in the air of forests and near waterfalls. Patented Negative-ion Generator with Ozone-free Operation

•Ozone-free Operation

Patented technology that does not produce ozone, a toxic gas.

•Low Noise Level

Whisper Quiet Fan Even At High Speed, even at its highest speed..

•Energy Star Qualified

Environmentally Friendly and Energy-efficient. High efficiency, reduced power consumption. It requires only 55 Watts

•Filter Pack

Reusable prefilter and replaceable filters.

•Automatic Partial Sensing Operation

Detects ambient pollution level automatically, to begin operation in automatic mode.

•Indoor Air Quality Display

Indicates room air quality at all times.

•Protable and Lightweight

Can be moved easily for portability and housecleaning.

Important Nikken KenkoAir Features incorporates multiple-stage filtration which includes ultra low penetration air filter, or ULPA filter.

ULPA technology is significantly more effective than a HEPA filter, the longtime standard for hospital operating rooms, microassembly clean rooms and nuclear laboratories. ULPA filtration provides 99.999%removal of particles as small as 0.12 microns.

The KenkoAir Purifier exceeds that, with measured deficiency up to 99.9995%.

No other home air filtration system matches this level of performance.

•Important  KenkoAir Features is the way it operates without producing ozone.

Ozone is classified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a toxic gas which aggravates breathing problems. Most other air ionizers produce ozone as a byproduct. The State of California has banned the sale of ozone-producing air systems, and other states are expected to follow.

.•Important KenkoAir Features features a patented system for producing negative ions. In Japan, a walk through a forest or by a mountain stream (where high amounts of negative ions are present) is regarded as therapy for stress, which the Japanese call shinrinyoku , “forest-air breathing.”

•This advanced design uses minimal energy. Another of the KenkoAir Features is it's Energy Star Qualification by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The Energy Star is given only to an appliance that is at least 35% more efficient than a standard model, and saves its owner a minimum of 215 kilowatt-hours per year.

•The KenkoAir Purifier costs no more than typical home air systems that do not include ULPA filtration technology and advanced features such as negative-ion generation and Energy Star qualification.

Only Nikken offers all these advantages at a competitive price.

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Multiple-stage filter design, patented ozone-free clean ion generation, ULPA filtration, energy-efficient technology


313 sq. ft. / 29 sq. m.


55 watts


14.8 x 22.6 x 10 in/37.5 x 57.5 x 25.5 cm


13.9 lb / 6.3 kg


Polyurethane, polypropylene, activated carbon, microfiber, ABS plastic


The KenkoAir Purifier may be set to operate on automatic mode or switched on at will.


Clean the reusable prefilter and replace the other filters every six months.


Standard three-year limited warranty on fan motor. General parts and labor warranted for one year.

What To Do With This Info

I hope you are taking advantage of some of these experiences by forwarding them on to your spouse, family, friends etc. 

How effective is the Nikken Air Wellness system? It is absolutely the most amazing and incredibly effective air system under $6,000
for home or office. 
Filtering down to the .125 micron level it removes 99.9995% of all air particulates. 

Filtration of indoor air has been shown to be effective in relieving or preventing a variety of respiratory ailments.

Replacement Filters

Why Negative Ions

Air circulating in the mountains and beaches registers tens of thousands of negative ions while the average home and office may contain dozens or hundreds, many register a flat zero of them. One reason may be that our air conditioners deplete the negative ions in the air

What Are The Symptoms Of Indoor Air Pollution?

Our homes have well sealed doors and windows toxins, growing mold and mildew, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and allergens are trapped in the typical home. In addition, most people spend well over 70% of their time inside.

Room Air Purifier

The Best Buy In Ionic Air Room Purifier with ULPA and Negative Ions  with patented ozone-free technology.  


Even though some of these testimonials are referring to earlier generations of Nikken Air Systems, please be aware that the newest generation
of Nikken's Air Wellness Systems is more powerful and with the most advanced filtration system using the cutting edge ULPA technology.
The air traveler is being discontinued, but are still available while supplies last. 


I got my Air Wellness Power5 when my sinuses were really bothering me. I live in the northeast and we've had so much rain during the summer and the fall, it caused my basement to be damp and moldy, and my house smelled of mold. When I've had sinus heaviness before the use of our headband and a nettie pot (salt water flushing out the sinuses) did the trick. Not this year. Thank goodness the
Air Wellness Power5 arrived when it did. After running it for a few days my sinuses feel so much better. And my house smells clean. So clean, in fact, that when my handyman came in he said my house smells like a doctors office. I said, what do you mean? He answered that it smelled clean!


We had laminate flooring installed in our kitchen several weeks ago. I have chemical sensitivities and formaldehyde is my worst one.The flooring was off-gassing formaldehyde. My usual sy mptom due to exposure is yawning but it was so bad that I could feel puffiness in my eyelids. We put our Air Wellness Power5 right in the area and turned it on turbo. Within an hour or so, my symptoms, as well as the terrible odor, were gone. We are very grateful for such a wonderful machine.



Last week I had a severe sore throat. At my Husband's suggestion, I put the Air Wellness Power 5 in the bedroom and ran it on one notch below turbo. When I awoke in the morning my sore throat was completely gone! What an awesome product.


Just wanted to pass along a story about a woman that bought the new Air Wellness Power5. She told me that her father who had worked in a foundry as a young man had developed black lung and with his allergies he was having a bad time of it, and was willing to try just about anything. So I loaned her my unit saying she should keep it for about 5 days. After 3 days I called to see if she had any questions. She said yes how much do I owe you for this machine, further stating that it was like a miracle that since I had dropped it off her father had not coughed once.

Brad Whittaker