Nikken Waterfall Reviews 2

 Nikken Waterfall Reviews 2, Features, Benefits and  Personal Results

Nikken Inc does not endorse or claim any medical implications implied by these reviews. Individual results will vary.

Johnny Bench

"I've got the PiMag Water System and the Optimizer in the kitchen, Kenko Dream Sleep Systems in the bedrooms, and a new PiMag shower head in the master bathroom. In fact, I'm already working on my second Certified Nikken Wellness Home."

- Johnny Bench,
Major League Baseball Hall-of-Famer


Butch Terrell

"I have a saying that I put Nikken products on all corners. I really do. I start off with little things like the socks. I use long johns unless it's really hot. I use the Elastomag wraps on all the joint areas, I use a Kenko Flex inside of an Elastomag wrap on my back, and then I use the magnetic vest. In our motor home, we have the PiMag Water System so we can take it with us every place we go."   - Butch Terrell,

Senior Pro Rodeo Champion


Nikken Waterfall Review by an Orthopedic Surgeon

 "As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, I can honestly say that Nikken answers more health challenges than does the medical profession."

- Martin Plotkin,M.D.

More Nikken Waterfall Reviews 2

"I enjoy eating citrus fruits. One night, I had an orange right before bedtime. Not a good idea! I woke up a few hours later with bad reflux and heartburn. I took an antacid for relief. I later heard that PiMag water was helpful with these problems. I decided to test it on myself. Another night I ate an orange at bedtime. I followed it with a PiMag chaser of about 2 glasses. I had NO REFLUX OR HEARTBURN that night or the next morning!"

Kenneth Berger


Nikken Waterfall and Health Problems

(Nikken Inc does not endorse or claim any medical implications implied by this reviews. Individual results will vary).

"I have been a GOUT sufferer for years. Since using my PiMag water bottle EVERY day, I have NOT had an attack of the Gout now in over a y(ear. Also since taking the IMMUNITY pill, I have not had the usual 3-5 flu cases per year, in fact, not even a mild cold in years."

"A friend of mine was having very frequent migraines. She has been using the PiMag bottle and necklace for one month. She
just called to tell me that she hasn't had any migraines since using the products. She was practically living on analgesics
and now she doesn't have to take them"

"I have had remarkable results for my Hepatitis C and Serosis of the Liver. My skin was gray and I was really going down hill. The
PiMag water has really made a difference..........."

--Jack and Kathy Shields - Arizonia


Piolet Study

(Nikken does not endorse this study.)

A recent pilot study - the first of its kind - followed 4 people who drank alkaline water for two months. The people in the study were all middle aged, and clinically obese. The only thing that was changed in the study was the water they drank - and the study participants lost an average of 12 pounds over two months. - Guy A. and Flebas, J.


Pi Water and Hydration

I've been drinking Pi water since last October. By December I noticed subtle changes in my appearance and my health. The book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" turned on my lights to chronic dehydration ... I immediately tripled my intake of PiMag water - 4 – 5 litres a day: now I feel clear-headed, focused, and my eyes, skin and nose feel wonderfully moist, like being in a humid tropical climate. My eyes look much clearer, and the sclera (whites of the eye) is healing, daily! BONUS! My aging boomer skin tone is more even-toned, clear and radiant, and my skin is more refined and resilient, the broken capillaries around my nose are healing, my hair and nails feel glossier, and myb rown spots are fading (face/hands). The skin in my chin and neck area is firmer, plumper, and tighter, to the point where my friend, aesthetician by profession, was sure I had had a facelift!

- Pauline C

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**Disclaimer: Nikken makes no medical claims in regards to this product. Individual results will vary.

 Mark M. Zieringer- Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA CFT II

"As a Certified Fitness Instructor, I have been keeping statistics on how water effects clients, members and others by testing their hydration levels."

TESTING: Approximately 200 members a month were tested.

FINDINGS: Of the approximately 5,000 people tested (over 2 and 1/2 years). 90% registered between 50 - 69% of optimal hydration. (Even though they used filtered, bottled, RO or tap water). The top 5 scores were all drinking structured PiMag Water.


The largest study ever conducted on the reasons why people live to be 100 - reveals that the longest lived people on earth drink alkaline water and eat alkaline foods.


NSF Certification

Water Quality Association Certification

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Importance Of Your Morning Shower

Chlorine in Your Morning Shower

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