The Nikken Waterfall 


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How does this compare with other portable water filters? Do your research. Look for all the features. Realize that you can pay a lot and you can pay a little. It is all in the filter. 

If you buy a system that only filters with a carbon filter, it isn't doing the best job.

If you buy a system without pi ceramic, you will miss out on the superior hydrating properties of energizing your water.

If you buy a system without zeolite, you are still drinking VOC and heavy metals.

If you buy a system that depends only on a carbon filter, you are missing the health giving benefits of ionization and redox technology.

Consider The Replacement Filters

In considering which Portable Water Filter System is the best for your money... consider how much the Replacement Filters are. Your unit is only as good as the filters are clean.

If you don't replace your filters regularly, you could be drinking more contaminates than you would find in your own tap water! 

Based On a Family of Four

 $34.00 every 4 months for the filter itself.

$21.00 once a year for the mineral stones (rocks).

The Nikken Waterfall Replacement Filters are economical and affordable.

If you are a 'prepper', you might consider just buying the filters and building your own filtering and holding tank. It would take a little work, and it wont be as pretty as ours, but it is do-able.

For anyone interested in 'personal and emergency preparedness', buying multiple filters to keep on hand is just smart. 

Filters store nearly indefinitely if stored out out the sun light and in a cold dry storage shelf. In case of emergency, you could easily pack only the replacement filter to take with you to filter water in case of evacuation. The Waterfall unit itself is light-weight and easily moved and set up anywhere, but if you are running for your lives, the filter is a good option to stick in a back pack.

Remember, the dirtier the water going though the filter, the quicker it will need to be exchanged. Carry purification tablets to purify the water before you run it though the replacement filter and it will keep the filter usable longer. 

The mineral stones are optional and add needed trace minerals to your water, but if case of emergency, the charcoal filter and prefilter will keep your water safe.

Nikken Waterfall Pi Mag Water Filter System

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The Importance Of High Quality Drinking Water

The Danger In Your Morning Shower

Nikken Waterfall The Next Generation In Portable Water Filtration.

Poducing superior water at an affordable price.

Certified as a Water Quality Gold Seal Product

BPA Free

NSF Standard 42

Reduction of chlorine, chloramine,taste and odor

NSF Standard 53

Reduction of mercury, VOCs

NSF Standard 372

Lead complianc

Purified Like Nature Does It.

 Pi-Mag Water Technology

Nikken Waterfall


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 You Can Buy Cheaper... But You Can't Buy Better.

Improve your hydration

Improve your health

Hydrates your skin

Hydrates your joints

Improves absorbsion of medications and nutrients

Removes heavy metals and toxins

Save you money

Save the environment

Eliminates the danger of PBA found in most bottled drinking water.


Don't Forget The Replacement Filters.  

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Replacement Filters and Waterfall, Portable Water System