Nikken, The Wellness Company

Discover Nikken. Discover what they stands for and where they came from.

From one man's vision, Nikken was born. 

Isamu Masuda envisioned a better world, one where people become their best.

Humans Being More became his slogan

Nikken was founded nearly 40 years ago (1975) in Japan, by a small unpretentious man with a sick child who needed medical attention.

Because his own life had been filled with health challenges, this wonderful visionary father determined within himself to find an answer that would provide them with the money and give his beloved son the health he himself had been deprived of as a child.  Isamu Masuda invented magnetic insoles and sold them door to door to the thousands of tired, worn-out, people of Japan.

    "In earlier days I didn’t understand the keys to good health and healthy living. I was an eager student. I learned a great deal from teachers and gradually over time I came to a greater understanding of health and wellness. Over time I developed a vision, a vision for total wellness. I saw that total wellness rested on 5 pillars; a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy family, healthy society and healthy finances."

Isamu Masuda,

 The Nikken Story

Nikken received the Emperors' Award as the fastest growing company in Japanese History.

Built on a cutting edge: Total Wellness Program

Today it is present in more than 30 countries and has posted billions of dollars in revenue. They are based on a unique idea:

Products and services for  a better quality of life.

It was the original inspiration that led to its birth. Founder Isamu Masuda had a vision of caring that would spread across the world. His disire to help others was translated into solutions that address major concerns of modern living.

The Wellness Home

A Wellness Home... a revolutionary concept -- Total Wellness

Total Wellness is a different way of looing at health in general.

  • Traditional Western medicine has concentrated on curing disease.
  • Wellness focuses instead on prevention, on avoiding ilness rather than curing it.

Introducing the Wellness Home -- a whole new understanding of how we live and its effects on us.  A Wellness Home offerts more than comfort -- it is an environment that supports a family's health and happiness. 

Philosophy that Total Wellness rests on 5 Pillars of Health 

  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Mind
  • Family
  • Society 
  • Finances

Nikken Provides the Products

Learn more about The Wellness Revolution

Our planet is dying. And so are we. And it is mostly our own fault.But we CAN change it. It  is as simple as becoming aware and buying from companies whose practices are Eco-friendly.  Products that are Healthy for our planet and Healthy for us.

Nikken, An Eco Friendly Company

Nikken is an eco friendly company and has been a leader in wellness technology ever since the Company pioneered the concept in 1975. Today, Nikken is established in over 30 countries, and has posted billions of dollars in revenue.

Nikken has grown into a world-wide mission to put the power of wellness into the hands of ordinary people.

It is currently in over 36 countries on 5 continents, with over 30 million satisfied customers.

Japan is the largest provider of healthcare products in the world -and  Japan is the healthiest country in the world.

According to WHO,the World Health Organization, America is almost the most unhealthy nations of the world, and yet spends the very most on health care.

  •  Nikken moved the world headquarters to Irvine California in 2001.
  • Nikken has earned and maintained a perfect 5A1 Dun & Bradstreet rating.
  • All of the technologies are researched and developed by the best minds and facilities in the world.
  • The products are unique and patented.
  • The products have been termed "passive benefit products"---you do not change your life for our products - The products change your life!
  • Nikken provide hope to people that medical science has given up on.
  • Nikken has products that everyone needs, nobody has and you can get them only from a Wellness Consultant.
  • The products support material that have been published in several major medical journals.


If you *lay down, *sit down, *walk around, *breathe air, *drink water or *eat food...

 ...You Need Nikken Products!