Policy at TreeSap Enterprises

Nikken maintains a strict policy against making or implying medical associated with their products. Their products and technologies are for the sole purpose of enhancing overall good health.

Nikken does not support any claims made or implied that their products can heal, prevent, or treat any medical condition. Nikken deals in Wellness products, meant to enhance overall health and are the best in the business.

Using deductive thinking, improving overall health increases the bodies ability to overcome discomfort and fight off disease, since it is only the body itself that heals.

When You Are Sick

When You are Sick... see your doctor.  Don't try to diagnose yourself. Only a competent medical professional can properly diagnose, prescribe, treat or rule out serious health problems. 

If you are sick, aging, fatigued, depressed, stressed ….. it stands to reason that *improved nutrition, *reduced inflammation, *sleeping better, *losing weight, *gaining better bone health, *improved digestion, *improving mental celerity, *increased energy, *muscle strength and *endurance is going to help your quality of your life and overall happiness.

And when you are happy, relationship flourish. When your relationships flourish, you are better able to handle stress, relate to people better; Which in turn will help business relationships grow; Which makes it more likely you will become community minded; Which benefits everyone, including yourself, our world and our ultimately our environment.

This is a website where you can

  • Improve you life
  • Become better than you were before
  • and Get ahead of the health game

Vitamins, supplements, medications, treatments all are more effective when the body is healthy.

Improve overall health, and you improve the effectiveness of any exercise plan and/or health regiment.

Endorsements and Awards

(International Sleep Product Assoication)

Let me make myself perfectly clear. I am not a doctor. I do not prescribe treatment for any condition.
I am advocating the foundation of health...

...That Will Benefit Everyone.