Self Help For Seizure Disorder

There are many stories from people who have found improvement in seizure disorders by using of magnets and detoxifying the body of heavy metal poisioning.

Of course, epileptic seizures are easier to evaluate than nonepiletic seizures because they are reoccurring. Nonepileptic seizures are a seizure disorder that only happen once or twice and then never happen again.

Let me make it perfectly clear. I am not a Neurologist. I am not suggesting treatment or making claims of a cure for any type of seizure disorder, epileptic or nonepiletpic.

Patience and weekly/monthly reevaluation is the key.

Preliminary Findings Are Unclear If Magnetics Help Control Seizure Disorders or Not

No one is sure if magnets help nonepileptic seizures themselves or the conditions that cause the seizure disorder. Either way, the underlying conditions causing the seizure seem to improve more quickly when magnets are introduces.

In my personal experience, detoxifying the brain does produce immediate benefits. What I would do is use a liquid zeolite. Ionic foot baths and far infrared sonnas have shown to have some effect, but, in my experience, they have not proven as effective as liquid zeolite.

I use magnets. By themselves, I have found magents taking a little longer to achieve results than liquid zeolite, but, mangets are are more cost efective. For a one time purchase, you have a product that will last a lifetime. I like that.

It has been my experience that people who use magnets find that: 1/3 achieve almost immediate results; 1/3 will take two to three months; 1/3 will take nearly a year before their seizure disorder subsides. This is not meant as a medical statement, but my personal observation.

Listen to the experience of Dave and Mona Wright, and decide for yourself:

Heavy Metals In The Brain

There is indication that heavy metal poisions and/or chemical and environmental pollutants that build up to dangerous levels in our systems may play a part in seizure activity.

It stand to reason that without help to rid our bodies of them, we cannot eliminate heavy metal poisions. Heavy metals get in the way of the neurotransmitters in the brain. They interfere with our ability to think, they make us sleepy, and short circuit our electrical wiring.

In my research I have not found any reports of adverse side effects by using Redmond Clay.

Detoxing with Redmond Clay, for a month or two while using the magnets seems to be the best solution. The clay pulls toxins from the body and clears the way for the electrical wiring to repair itself.

Then add the magnets. Notice if seizures improve.

Patience and Evaluation Is The key.

I believe the best way to evaluate the effects of any changes in lifestyle on a seizure disorder is to keep a journal.

When starting with magnets and or Redmond Clay, write down how you feel right now. How many seizures do you have in a week. How long they last. What medication you take and how often you take it. Notice how well you sleep.

  • If you decide to take Redmond Clay, record daily how much you are taking, how often you take it, and how you feel.
  • Use the magnets continually for four to eight weeks, recording when and how many seizures take place during that time.
  • After a month or two, Stop taking the Clay. Note and journal any differences you notice in how you feel.
  • Then, Remove the magnets. After a week or two record the duration and frequency of seizure activity and compare it to your record recorded in your journal.

Keep In Close Contact With Your Doctor

It is important to remain under the care of a doctor.

It is important to stay on all medications and follow all treatment as prescribed. Magnets are meant to be used in conjunction with, not instead of treatment subscribed by your doctor.

As with any illness, medications need to be monitored, adjusted and reevaluated as your seizure disorder improves.

Redmond Clay is a natural body detoxifier. Mood swings, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, insomnia, headaches and fatigue are all symptoms of heavy metal poisoning.

Non epileptic seizures, like epileptic seizures, are frightening. It takes time and education and experience to deal with them. I wish you well.

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Simple Steps To Detox From Heavy Metals

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