Wellness Home Benefits

Wellness Home Benefits

Living in a wellness home benefits the whole family.  And personal experiences tell it best. 

The following are personal experiences of people who live in a Wellness Home. No statement or story is meant to treat, recommend or diagnose any medical illness.

 If you think you are sick, see your doctor.

Wellness Home Benefits

Pregnant and Healthy

I'm 7 months along and had morning sickness REALLY bad for the first few weeks and could hardly eat a thing. The filters in my PiMag system hadn't been replaced in a while and I hadn't taken the nutritionals since before I got pregnant. After about six weeks of misery, I replaced my filters and started back on the multi-vitamin and women's formula. That was on a Tuesday.... by Thursday I felt 90% back to my old self.

In previous pregnancies the pre-natal vitamins ALWAYS made me sick. Since I felt so good on the Nikken nutritionals I took them to my doctor and asked her if I could take them instead. After checking the ingredients she found them to be comparable to what she would prescribe and said if they were making me feel good, to stick with them.

One of my sister's had the same experience and got horribly sick when she went off of them or when she substituted temporarily with another brand. Definitely get your granddaughter on the nutritionals and water ASAP and see if that helps.

Though we're told to use the products during the first trimester, it's mainly to protect Nikken against liability, not because there is any known complication with using magnetics while pregnant. The first trimester is when most miscarriages happen and we tend to look for anything to blame it on. I've used the sleep system, insoles, necklace and earrings from day one without worrying and feel so much better. I do avoid the Palm Mag... not because of any founded fears, but just from uninformed worry.

On another note, meat made me sick during the first trimester. It takes a long time to digest and a pregnant woman's digestive system slows down dramatically... If someone is not able to eat a lot of foods or get enough protein, the Perfect Start shakes went down well with me and provided the nutrition I was missing out on.



Wellness Home Benefits

Depression and Pregnant

A close friend of mine was depressed for several months after her father passed away. She was constantly tired and had no energy or will to do anything. I leant her a Nikken necklace and she began feeling better almost immediately. She purchased one and wore it all the time. (also helped her hay fever!) After a few weeks of wearing the necklace, she called me and was quite surprised to learn she was pregnant. She then told me that she had been trying to conceive for close to a year. She had taken some tests and found she had a hormonal imbalance. She was just about to begin hormone treatments. (Just saw her beautiful 2 year old boy again today.)



Wellness Home Benefits

Angela’s Story

Angela is my 4 year old daughter, a pretty girl born with a lot of difficulties. She was born with respiratory problems, she had trouble walking, trouble eating and chronic digestive problems (*autistic symptoms). Non Verbal…not even sounds, Didn’t smile or Didn’t laugh (*depressed, I guess) Sleeping problems (no sleep) Banged her head against wall or furniture. No eye contact. Sleep was hard to come by for my wife. 

We were both really sad ourselves because of our daughter’s conditions. No energy, No hope. No solutions were offered, just bad new from doctors saying it would only get worse as she grew up. We were at wits end!

We were HOPING and PRAYING to get help… Then one day I bumped into Nikken and my life changed instantly forever. When I got home with the products my daughter was asleep and I placed the magnetic pad on the bed and placed Angela on it. WOW Angela slept way better (breathing was quiet) It was a miracle. How could this be and why didn’t I know about this sooner….I was excited and upset at the same time. I felt blessed but could not understand why I had to wait 4 years to find these great products. Angela spoke 5 days later (*we both were hysterical). She is now super happy, runs, jumps, talks, hugs, sing, and daddy does too. We are in love with life again. I see a better future for my daughter and my family. Thanks to these wonderful products. I am forever grateful 
I wanted to share this with YOU & with everybody and anybody.

--Al Segala, A now very happy and excited man


Wellness Home Benefits

Wellness Home

I have Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, plus diabetes. I sleep on a mattress pad, use a car seat in my car, at work and in my lift chair at home. I wear magsteps, minis on both knees and both shoulders and I just purchased one of the new magwraps.  It seems to be very effective when using my keyboard extensively.

I developed the osteo in my knees in 1990 and suffered a lot until I started using Nikken, in Jan of 96. I got instant relief and was pain free. I am firm believer that one can never have too many magnets around them. I believe what Nikken promotes. We are magnetically deficient. I know the longer I use these products the healthier I am.    

The magnets are also great for diabetes. I had lost the feeling in my toes about 6 years before the magsteps. Within a few days the sensitivity started to return. If you know any diabetics, please, please introduce them to Magsteps. I won't go into a lengthy explanation, but I had a diabetic ulcer on my leg that topical antibiotics didn't help. I put a mini on a sterile gauze, wrapped it and 24 hr later the sore was scabbed over, the swelling was completely gone.

I have been a Med Tech for 25 years and because I hadn't heard of magnetic therapy I figured it was snake oil. I didn't even believe my own father. He sent me products and they collected dust for 17 months in my garage. Now I'm a firm believer that magnetism is a fantastic easy way towards prevention. Magnetic therapy does work, but one has to use the products and realize that it will take time. But the longer you use magnets the better you will feel.     

--Nadine Morse


Diabetes and Post Polio

Barbara succeeds with her health challenges by creating a Wellness Environment in her home using Nikken Technologies.

Wellness Home Benefits The Whole Family

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