Arthritis Help: Tips For Living With Arthritis

Beyond medication, what arthritis help is out there?

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  • Eat healthy. Experiment with food allergies and food combinations Stay away from fast foods, junk foods and saturated fats and sugar

  • Cleanse your body. Do a colon cleanse; a liver cleanse; a blood cleanse

  • Get proper rest... not too much not too little. Work long enough to earn a good night's rest.

  • Do low -impact Exerciseing; deep breathing, yoga, walking, biking or swimming

  • Work to maintain a positive attitude. Depression accompies arthritis, be aware of that and take steps to manage it.

  • Be aware of products, tools and clothing that make living with arthritis easier.
      Install rails in bathrooms, buy clothing that are easy to fasten, kitchen utinsils, tools, pens and pencils that are easy to grip, book rests to hold reading and writing materials, furniture that is easy to get out of, good walking shoes

  • Be causious of NSAIDs and Ibprophen. ---Know their risks and know their alternatives.

  • Explore natural remedies such as essential oils, cetyl myristoleate rubs and supplements, omega EFA fish oils, far-infrared therapy, magnetic therapy

  • Use heating pads and magnets for stiffness, aches and joint pain.

  • Drink pleanty of water and cut out the pop, coffee and aloholohl and smoking

  • Manage your weight.

    A.T. Tips: Beyond Medication A.T. Tip: Manage The inflammation, Manage the Arthritis CM for arthriA.H.The Best Kept Secret In A.H. For A.T.: Food For All Address the problem at its cause.

    Cetyl-Myristoleate: The Best Arthritis Help Tip Guaranteed
    CM's effectiveness on arthritis and as an anti-inflammatory has been studied for over 35 years. It has proven to be effective 98% of the time in reducing discomfort from arthrits stiffness and range of motion.