A Dozen & 2 Brain Fog Causes

Brain Fog Causes Little To Be Alarm About,
It Is Not A Disorder; It Is A Symptom,

The Most Common
Brain Fog Causes

    Toxic Levels of Heavy Metals

    Iodine deficency

    Chemical pollutants, at home and in the environment

    Cancer and chemotherapy treatments

    Excessive amounts of trace minerals such as iron, manganese and chromium

    Candida or yeast infection

    A toxic or unhealthy digestive track i.e. constipation, bloating

    Hypothyroidism, a thyroid hormone deficiency

    Adrenal Burnout, (often cause by heavy metal poisoning)

    Copper or Mercury in the Thyroid Gland (causing low thyroid and hypoglycemia)

Brain fog causes us to forget and become easily distracted, even a little depressed at time.

  • Food allergies, (caffeine, glucose, dairy, MSG and especially sugar substitutes)

  • Pharmaceutical drugs

  • Electromagnetic Pollution

  • Not enough oxygen getting to the brain.

  • Brain Parasites

  • Physiological and Emotional Deficiencies

  • Iodine deficiency

Brain fog is almost always connected to a disfunctional thryoid, which is almost always linked to an iodine deficency and/or heavy metal poisoning.


Start with iodine. Kelp is a good source, but a supplement containing more than one source of iodine is better.

Always check with your doctor and educate yourself.

Iodine is connected with brain functioning AND it seems to aid in detoxing the body.

Iodine has become the 'forgotten medicine'. It isn't really a medicine. Dr. Albert Szent Gyrogi, the doctor that discovered Vitamine C, said when he was in medical school he learned a little rhyme that went something like this:

    When you don't know where, what, and why, prescribe K and I
KI stands for potassium iodide.

Along with a lack of iodine, there is a stong connection between brain fog and heavy metal poisoning. Sometimes, simply detoxing from heavy metals will solve the brain fog problem.

Brain fog causes *forgetfulness, *slow verbal responses,
*detachment, *discouragement
*even depression.

It affects thousands, and ranges from simply not thinking as quickly at some times as others, to sever incoherence.

Usually, experiencing brain fog is more annoying than alarming. Many of us experience it. It is becoming more and more common. Even children experience brain fog.

By focusing harder we can usually come out of brain fog with little embarrassment. How frequently we experience brain fog dependents on what's causing it.

There is a quick and easy way you can test to for iodine deficency from home. Do this first.

Then supplement with potassium iodine with L-Tyrosine while taking zeolite to detoxify the heavy metals.

Removing Heavy Metals Makes The Difference

Wayne had difficulty concentrating enough to read or retain much at all. He says it was like trying to think through a thick fog: "you know the kind where you can't see your hand in front of your face?" After just two weeks using Waiors's NCD Liquid Zeolite, Wayne reported:

    Last week on Thursday, so just 6 days on the drops, I finally had a breakthrough on an issue at work that I'd been fighting with for the previous two weeks. That morning after rereading the notes... It was as if the hold on my brain was released. And that thick mental fog has lessened to a fine mist. Though still not crystal clear, I can now think through things and follow my own thoughts without losing them. It's made a tremendous difference for me especially at work and made reading for leisure actually pleasurable."

Wayne has ADD. He now doesn't get distracted nearly so easily as before and can return to whatever he was doing without having to completely start over. This is HUGE for Wayne.

Sometimes, all it takes is Natural Cellular Defense Liquid Zeolite drops to clear up Brain Fog. Other times it takes a combination of removing toxic foods, drinking plenty of clean, filtered water, rest, and deep breathing to improve oxygen levels to overcome brain fog causes.

Whatever is the case, ---removing heavy metals cleans the electrical connections in the brain, making it easier for the brain to think clearly.

In The Past, Detoxing From Heavy Metals Was A Slow And Tedious Process.

Today you can removing heavy metals from the body is a much easier, and less painful process. By using Nature's own detoxing secret you can detox your body and brain of heavy metals.

That secret? Zeolites. Brain Fog was just one of the things that plagued Barbara Lockwood. At age 54 Barbara found herself looking at the unpleasant reality of life in a wheel chair.

    I took prescription drugs, natural products and spent thousands of dollars on clinical detoxes, self awareness courses and psychologists and even went to the “spiritual healers” in my desperation… Each move “helped” a bit but only since I did the 4 week recommended heavy metal detox has my mind cleared – like a weight had been lifted from it. It seems that “heavy metals” are aptly named!

Zeolites and Modern Medicine

Zeolites have been used for decades in modern medicine to enhance medication, cleanse the intestinal track, and absorb toxins. Until now, they have only worked in the stomach and bowels.

Through new biomedical technology, the detoxifying power of zeolites have now been engineered to enter the bloodstream where it can reach the brain and soft tissue anywhere in the body.

Brain fog causes personal embarrassment, depression and loss of ambition. Improve your thinking, regain your energy, and improve your self confidence.

Now, 15 months later Barbara’s brain fog is still gone and she still feels great:

    …”as a bonus my arthritis is gone and my gum/teeth problems and constant battle with cystitis have all cleared up. I started my search for natural remedies many years ago, became a Bowen Therapies practitioner and studied nutrition and used every kind of new “fangled” therapeutic gadget on the market to help me get over my depression. Nothing worked until I started on this simple 4 week programme to remove the heavy metals from my body by using these gentle colloidal drops. Now at 64 I have more energy, happiness and peace in my life."

Regardless of the cause of your Brain Fog, detoxing from heavy metals first may be the answer you have been looking for.

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