The Best Car Air Purifier For Your Money?

You NEED a car air purifier.   You need the Best Car Air Purifier.


 Because like the rest of us, you spend A LOT of time in your car. The air inside our car can make you sick. Health officials and the EPA tells us that the air inside our car contains higher levels of air pollution than outside or inside air... because it contains them both.... and in a much more confined space. Cold germs, disease, cigarette smoke, bacteria, pollution, odors are trapped all the while we are driving. Outdoor air is sucked in which contain pollen, allergens, chemicals, gas fumes, smog and smoke.


People with asthma or other breathing problems are especially effected with effects lasting long after they get out of the car.

Multiple Cars?    Sm Rooms?   Office?

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Nikken has put the Air Wellness Traveler on SALE

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Nikken Air Wellness Traveler

$101.00 ea

$256.00 for 3

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 Air Wellness Travelers

A Breath Of Fresh Air...

Negative Ions keep you feeling good and the air smelling fresh all ride long.

Keep The Air Fresh.   Change The Filter

$25.00 ** ORDER HERE** 

To receive optimum performance with your Nikken products, replace filters and other components when necessary. Your product manual includes the recommended intervals for inspection (where applicable) and replacement. This may need to be performed less or more frequently, depending on operating conditions.

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It will be your responsibility to let us know of any change of address or frequency of delivery. It is all easily manageable. I can teach you how to do it yourself if you prefer. All you need to do is email me at:



Reg $249.00

The Air Wellness Traveler is by far the best car air purifier out there. 

With it's advanced HEPA filtration and patented Negative Ion Generation without Ozone,

The Air Traveler is by far the best buy for your money.

The Air Wellness Traveler
  My Personal Preference