What Causes Brain Fog?

Most health problems causes Brain Fog. Brain Fog is almost always on the list of symptoms of most health complaints.

Lets face it, …if we don’t feel good, we don’t think good.

America's Epidemic

We do have a health epidemic on our hands.

Extreme stress, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, pollution, toxic chemicals in our homes and in our cars, lack of exercise, over-exposure to electro-magnetic waves all contribute to our unhealthy condition.

Brain fog is only a major symptom, not a root problem---and probably the least of our worries. But let’s face it, when we can’t think clearly; overcoming brain fog is a MAJOR motivating factor for seeking help.

Seeking a cure for brain fog is not the answer.

There is no one thing, no pill or procedure that will bring an end to troublesome brain fog.

Diagnosing the health problem that causes brain fog is the first step.

Brain Fog Is A Symptom, Not THE Disease

Brain fog is a symptom, not the disease.

The brain is 80+% water. If we are mildly dehydrated, the body pulls from the colon and other tissue to keep moisture where we need it the most, ---our brain.

    Not enough water? Results: Brain Fog

Adrenals, Thyroid, and Pituitary are the master glands of our body. Along with the Liver, they regulate and/or greatly influence most every function that goes on to maintain life—either healthy or unhealthy—it is their job to keep the functions necessary to sustain life operating. And lets face it, they are ALLover worked.

Thyroid imbalance is a major possiblitiy to troublesome brain fog. Don’t over look this possibility.

According to medical expert Dr. David Brownstein M.D., undiagnosed thyroid malfunction is possibly the most grossly undiagnosed main causes of brain fog on the planet. He estimates 52 million Americans have a thyroid deficiency and don’t know it!

Why is that?

    Because the TSH test, the one most commonly used to diagnose thyroid function, is, in Dr Brownstein’s words, “ the most inaccurate test in modern medicine”.

Studies have shown that even when TSH levels are good, Iodine and B-vitamin deficiencies, overload of heavy metals in our bodies, fluoride from our drinking water, and toxic chemicals all contribute to our bodies inability to utilize the thyroid hormone.

The Thyroid hormone is vitally important to

  • cell development and metabolism
  • regulating weight gain
  • body temperature
  • and energy levels.
And it affects how efficiently vitamins and minerals are utilized in our bodies.

Dr. Brownstein estimates 40 to 70 percent of Americans have a thyroid deficiency called "hypothyroidism" and don’t even know it!

Heavy metals from our polluted environment accumulated in our brain and interfere with brain function. But so does:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Illness
  • Lack of water
  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Lack of exercise
  • and Disease

There are other major causes of Brain Fog. A Dozen and Two Causes of Brain Fog

The air you breathe; the water you drink; and the electro-magnetic environment you find yourself in; will have a greater impact on the way you feel and think than just about anything else in your life. A combination of dirty water, air and man made pollution causes brain fog.

Solution To The Causes Of Brain Fog?

To treat brain fog we need an overall solution.

Whole food nutrition and going to the gym is not enough to combat what causes brain fog. We need aggressive help. Over all help. And this aggressive health may just save your QUALITY OF LIFE, as well as your QUANITY OF LIFE.

Stop throwing your money away on this pill or that supplement.

Yes. . . Continue going to the gym or for a walk

    Changing you’re eating habits

      Learn yoga or some other activity for stress management
        Limit your alcohol consumption

          Quit smoking

Supplements and vitamins do help.

But if you want to CURE brain fog, you have got to take an over-all approach.

---Feel overwhelmed? Don’t be. The solution is easier than you think.

It Is Just This Easy

With a few simple changes to your home environment, you can enhance, improve, correct and maybe even CURE your brain fog.

And best of all, it doesn’t take effort, it only takes money.

Simply buying a few environmental solution products and plugging them into your home, anyone, everywhere, can enjoy better health, better mental clarity, better sleep, which results in better health and less brain fog.

All you then need to do: is do what you always do

    …breath, eat, sleep, walk around and drink water.

Know as the “greenhouse” concept, a Wellness Home is where indoor living conditions are created that provide a healthy environment and minimizes the environmental causes of brain fog.


    Quarantine good health IN and sickness OUT is our best option today.

Indeed, it may be our ONLY option to be healthy in today's toxic environment. (Article:

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