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Is Cetyl Myristoleate ( CMO ) Good For Arthritis?

It Doesn't Matter What The Marketers Say. It Doesn't Matter What The Studies Say. The Proof Is In The Pudding.

Will It Work For You?

Manufacturers of Cetyl Myristoleate can not and will not make claims associated with arthritis or any other medical condition and their product. The benefits of Cetyl Myristoleate,have been published in the Journal of Rheumatology in 2002 and 2004.

The following statements are not intended to prescribe or treat arthritis or any other medical condition. They only tell their personal battle health challenges.

These statements DO NOT recommend or prescribe any product. They only give their story of how they deal with their own health challenges and discomfort.


Tom Kirchhofer, of Washington DC wirtes:

    I have received, for myself and witnessed in others, some amazing results. I personally have a blood sugar problem with multiple joint challenges, especially feet. My joints all creak and groan and my requirement to walk is large. I power walk 4 miles nearly every day and my feet, ankles and hips would then talk to me all that day and the morning after.

    After only three days, of using the Joint, my relief was beyond my expectations. My joints felt as if they were gliding

    Symptom reduction may occur in a few minutes to a month. Mine disappeared in three days! I had used Glucosamine for years and it had helped but never did the whole trick like this!!


Rhematoid Athritis, Magnets, Joint, and Liver Support

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and started with the magnetics and had good results & then I started the Joint formula. I finished two full bottles and did not really think it was doing anything for me. Ironically, I was not having any symptoms either. I had a very good summer. I commented to my husband that it was too good to be true. That was until August rolled around. Then I started hurting again. Then I realized it was NO coincidence why I felt so great in June and July. Dori Johnson


And Some Of My Own Experiences:

Husband's Osteo-Arthritis, EQL Magnets and CMO Products

    My husband has osteo-arthritis. His right knee was bone on bone. He has a high tolerance for pain. Consulting with doctors, they recommended a knee replacement. He still uses the Joint supplement, CM Cream and magnets. All feeling has returned to his knee after the surgery and he is able to still ride his bike 30+ miles every day, do heavy yard work and walk without pain in his knee.

Friends, Family, and Co-workers

    Since experiencing such wonderful success, our family, friends and co-workers have wanted to try CMO and magnets as well. They have worked every time except once. My sister-in-law is a Downwinder and has multiple health problems, including thyroid disease. She was unable to tolerate the CM supplement, but found great relief with the CM Cream.

    All of our other friends and family have continued to use the cetyl myristoleate CMO supplement and cream with great results. They use the magnets occasionally when they have over-done exercising or working.

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Do you have a story to tell? People would like to hear it. It doesn't matter what retail product you have used, if it has to do with cetyl myristoleate, we want to hear about it. Tell the truth and tell how your life has changed.

More Help For Joint Discomfort

Cetyl Myristoleate
is truly amazing in for stiffness and inflammation.

There are no concerns with long-term use of cetyl myristoleate CMO in a supplement or cream. They are safe and effective.

I'm Not Alone In My Thinking:

Nadine Morse, Med Tech of 25 years

    I have Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, plus diabetes. I sleep on a mattress pad, use a car seat in my car, at work and in my lift chair at home. I wear magsteps, minis on both knees and both shoulders and I just purchased one of the new magwraps. It seems to be very effective when using my keyboard extensively.

    I developed the osteo in my knees in 1990 and suffered a lot until I started using Nikken, in Jan of 96. I got instant relief and was pain free. I am firm believer that one can never have too many magnets around them. I believe what Nikken promotes. We are magnetically deficient. I know the longer I use these products the healthier I am.

    The magnets are also great for diabetes. I had lost the feeling in my toes about 6 years before the magsteps. Within a few days the sensitivity started to return. If you know any diabetics, please, please introduce them to Magsteps. I won't go into a lengthy explanation, but I had a diabetic ulcer on my leg that topical antibiotics didn't help. I put a mini on a sterile gauze, wrapped it and 24 hr later the sore was scabbed over, the swelling was completely gone.

    I have been a Med Tech for 25 years and because I hadn't heard of magnetic therapy I figured it was snake oil. I didn't even believe my own father. He sent me products and they collected dust for 17 months in my garage. Now I'm a firm believer that magnetism is a fantastic easy way towards prevention. Magnetic therapy does work, but one has to use the products and realize that it will take time. But the longer you use magnets the better you will feel.


Annie Herndon

    I was introduced to Nikken about 3 months ago and reluctantly tried the magsteps and minis for newly diagnosed osteoarthritis. I am a very active high school teacher and thought I was going to be required to change careers because of the extreme pain. My closest friend had become a distributor and so I took her up on her offer to "play with the products." To my amazement, within a matter of weeks I NO LONGER HURT! I am not totally cured, I can still tell you when the weather is going to change, but I am walking my classroom again!!

    As I walk out the door to school every morning I do a Nikken check magsteps, minis, necklace. With these three products, I can face any day without pain killers. I am thrilled and am telling everyone about it!!!


Cindy Farmer And Her Headaches

    My first introduction to Nikken was because of my dad’s bad diabetic feet.

    I have some arthritis in my right wrist, hand and elbow which is relieved within 2 minutes of wearing the wrist wrap. I also had chronic sinus headaches and used the sleep mask and guess what, they went away. I couldn't believe it since I had been taking medication almost daily for headaches and sinus. All my friends knew that I would have a pill bottle full of whatever they needed for a headache. I didn't tell anyone for a long time because I was afraid that my headaches would come back.

NOTE: It has been my observation that although some people have almost immediate results from using magnetics, most do not. Constant use of three to nine months is more usual.


Kitty Pugh, Arthritis, and Magnetic Wraps

I have problems in my left knee and wear an elastomag wrap on it. My foot was hurting in the middle of the night so I put the same wrap on it and went back to sleep...


Linda Chaney and Arthritis

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been helped tremendously with the Nikken products. When the Joint was introduced, I began taking it and had further improvement in my condition. The sleep system has been my key. My condition is very aggressive but I now have my quality of life back -- even playing golf !!


Janice Summers and The Wellness Home

I have lived with discomfort for most of my adult life - first because of having scoliosis followed by arthritis and osteoporosis. I have been under the care of a doctor for these problems for 20+ years from therapy to a tens device to remodeling a bathroom to have a Jacuzzi bathtub installed. For many years I went to sleep on a heating pad which I learned later was not good for me. I had to take early retirement from my position as school principal because the doctors informed me I must take time during the day to get off my feet and to rest; otherwise, they would have to do surgery which they didn't want to do because of the uncertainty of success. My discomfort was less intense after I retired, but it was still an on-going stress. I would often wake myself at night by my crying out in distress....... especially if I turned the wrong way.

I became aware of the Nikken sleep system after attending a home meeting led by Joan Pasek, and was immediately interested. Joan loaned me a sleep system to "try out" and I had my first nights sleep without discomfort in a long time. I was immediately sold on the product, and continue to be a year later. It is wonderful to be able to sleep and to sleep without discomfort is something I never expected to happen in my lifetime! Since then, I have purchased other Nikken products and have had success with each of them - but the "next best" purchase has been the water filtration system. While the sleep system has been wonderful for my sleep and discomfort, since drinking the PiMag water my hands and back do not hurt during the daytime as well.

I have taken a prescription drug for arthritis for many years which has caused stomach problems, and the doctor prescribed another drug for that problem. I have been able to discontinue the drug for the arthritis discomfort, and take the drug for the stomach problems only as needed.

MY DOCTOR IS DEDELIGHTED, AND SO AM I! I now take 3 Joint supplements a day and wear the Magsteps which have helped my balance so much. I just feel so much better, and if I sound like a snake oil salesperson, I'm not apologizing. I'm just enjoying a discomfort free life at this late stage in my life, and am so very thankful for it.


Melodee Worth and Her Brother

    My big brother was diagnosed with Arthritis when he was 8 or 9 years old. I remember him going through terrible things with RA. By the time he was 14 be was addicted to prescribed drugs. I didn't develop symptoms until my late teens. I was able to hold off being officially diagnosed until I was 20 or 21, hence RA not JRA. I am now 45. I've used Nikken products for the past 4 years, and thank God, I am drug free. For my own experience, food allergies are of critical importance, positive mind set is also very important, and I refuse to go anywhere without my FIR comforter, sleep pad and pillow. I even take them camping. If I could only choose one product, it would be the comforter.


From Someone Who Sells

I have two distributors in my downline who have this condition and have gotten great results from Nikken products.

The one person's story which I know better got RA last fall. In March she had tried the sleep pad, but was uncomfortable the first night so didn't sleep on it again. She liked the comforter, but thought it was too expensive. She resisted using Nikken products until I got her on a three way with the other distributor in May. She found out his experiences with the joint, the water, and that one needed to stay on the mattress pad for at least a week because the first three days were uncomfortable. She liked the jewelry and said it helped in the places it was used.

She agreed to try the joint and the liver supplements. After two months she stopped it for a week because she had a side effect (nausea...found out it was from her regular medications). She said she felt "creaky" and went back on the joint after a week. She didn't want to be without it again.

She has been using the joint supplement for the past five months (also likes the skin cream) and last week her rheumatologist (former rep of US to Russia in rheumatology) was astounded at how good her liver enzymes were, and that all of her blood values were good except one and it was almost good.

She is walking much better and others are very impressed by her progress. She is telling her friends and fellow workers. She said that the most significant question was "how much is your health worth? $1,000, $2,000? She realized that it was priceless. R. Meadows

Help Others, Tell Your Story

Do you have a story to tell? People would like to hear it. It doesn't matter what retail product you have used, if it has to do with cetyl myristoleate, we want to hear about it. Tell the truth and tell how your life has changed.

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