Clean Indoor Air Quality
For Your Car

We all are concerned with clean indoor air quality, but have you thought about the effect of the air quality you breathe in your car? Hybrid-Energy efficient cars are great for the environment. They cut down on the amount of photochemical smog caused by automobiles which helps all of us breath better.

Our lungs are the filter of the body. When they become plugged, our health suffers. Many Americans drive over a 100 miles a day between home and office, then add to that, driving to after school activities for the kids and then our own after hour activities, and you could easily be spending 2 to 4 hours inside your car.

HEALTH ALERT: How much time do you spend in your car?

Research now shows you should considered the air inside your car. The inside air of your car may include the worst of both the inside and outside environment.

  • California Air Resource Board reports a study from the American Environmental Protection Agency ranking indoor air pollution fourth in cancer risks among the 13 top environmental problems analyzed.
  • American Lung Association reports that air pollution is a major cause of lung disease, which kills 335,000 Americans each year, and is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

If automobile pollution is not hard enough on your health, add pollen and chemical vapors from the interior of the car, plus dust, viruses and germs. If you have a pet, add a concentration of pet dander, and/or secondhand smoke... just to name a few others.

The Space Inside Your Car Is Small

Car occupants breath air from a very confined area. Coughs, sneezes, simply inhaling and exhaling can all add to the indoor pollution of your car...all good reasons for taking major steps to create clean indoor air quality in your car.

Do you smoke? We are spending more and more time driving. Second hand smoke is a health hazard that is very serious. Think about the anti-smoking commercials. Riding in the car with a smoker is even worse than sitting in the same room with a smoker because the space is smaller and the smoke is more concentrated. It is so harmful, in fact... there is a law outlawing it.

You can and should protect yourself and your children from harmful effects of photochemical smog plaguing our roadways. Please, the next time you think about clean indoor air quality , and the importance of negative ions. Remember you spend a lot of time in your car, and take steps to protect yourself and those you love.

In my opinion, clean indoor air quality in the car should be a standard safety feature of every car and should be required by the EPA!

This information was reproduced by permission.
You can read the article in it's entirety here:
Automobile Air Problems - Not So Clean Car Air Quality

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