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What Are The Symptoms Of Indoor Air Pollution?

Our homes have well sealed doors and windows toxins, growing mold and mildew, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and allergens are trapped in the typical home. In addition, most people spend well over 70% of their time inside.

Why Negative Ions

Air circulating in the mountains and beaches registers tens of thousands of negative ions while the average home and office may contain dozens or hundreds, many register a flat zero of them. One reason may be that our air conditioners deplete the negative ions in the air

What Others Have To Say About Air Wellness Ion Air Purifiers

Experiences with Air Wellness Technologies from people just like you. First, my own personal experience with my ion air purifier. It wasn't until I had cancer that I knew the importance of having one.

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If you came to his page it is because you are interested in starting an AutoShip for your KenkoAir replacement filters. 

If you would like more information, just leave me a short note and tell me the best way to contact you. Do you prefer email or phone? Please set a time if you wish a phone call.

If you are ready to start your Auto Ship application, Simply fill out the form below and I will get back with you ASAP. It usually take me 1-2 days to get to all the inquires, so I thank you in advance for your patience.

The only way  I can save you 30%  is to set up the Auto Ship over the phone from Nikken's secure site.

If you are calling from outside the US, Please tell me and we can set a time to communicate through Skpye.

Thank you for your business. Your Good Health Is All I Care About.

Fresh Air Purifier

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you are out in nature... near waterfalls, or in the forest? The Japanese call this shinrinyoku, "forest-air breathing" and regard it as therapy for mental stress. Stress is a major health risk in the US.

Clean  Indoor Air Quality For Your Car.

We all are concerned with clean indoor air, but have you thought about the effect of the air quality you breathe in your car?  more..


Much has been said about the health benefits of negative ions in the air. Negative-ions are often referred to as 'The Vitamin in the Air”.  They range in expense from under $50.00 to as much as $700.00.

What Is Ozone? Why Is It Dangerous?

The nature of ozone appears to go against common sense. Low-level, troposphere ozone is classified as pollution; and upper-level, stratospheric ozone, is essential to the existence of life.

When Clean Indoor Air Is Important To You

The people who are most at risk to indoor air pollutants for the longest periods of time are often those most susceptible to the effects of indoor air pollution. ...the chronically ill, especially those suffering from respiratory or cardiovascular disease.