Dangers Of Our Toxic Environment

Our Sad Situation:

The dangers of our toxic environment has done nothing but grow.

I'm sad to report we are no further along the path to cleaning up the environment today than we were back in the 1980's and 90's.

Modern society is ever creating toxins.

  • From producing second hand smoke when we smoking, to spraying our gardens and fields with pesticides and using chemical fertilizers in an effort to increase our yield, to driving on the highways to and from work, after school activities, or vacations.
We are a people on the go. Ever hungry for more. Our quest for 'more' has lead to the production of 'more' pollution.

We are only adding to the dangers of our toxic environment by adding

  • More than 77,000 active production of chemicals in use in North America
  • More than 3,000 are added to our food
  • More than 10,000 used to emulsify, preserve, process and package our convenience foods
  • The EPA warns that there are more than 20,000 chemicals that enter our bodies that we cannot metabolize
  • And the count is growing as more and more chemicals are created from more and more new combinations created every year.

These are real dangers of our toxic environment as toxins that the body can not metabolize are stored in our brain, fat cells, blood and organs.

The EPA and World Health Organization warn of the real dangers of our toxic environment dangers to the general population.

No where in the world are we exempt. Air currents, water currents, nuclear disasters, and modern agriculture and farming practices continue to upset Mother Nature's ability to handle all the non-biodegradable contaminants we throw at her. As a consequence to this, we upload all this into our body.

In our body, these chemicals *alter our metabolism, *damage brain chemistry, *create hormonal imbalances, *cause enzyme dysfunction, and *nutritional deficiencies.

  • Columbia University reports that 95% of cancer is caused by environmental toxicity, poor diet and food additives. Because the chemicals accumulate in different parts of the body and at different rates and in different combinations, there is a disturbingly large variety of different chronic illnesses that can result.

  • Styrene was found in 100% of biopsies done in a study conducted by the EPS on human fat. And there are between 400 and 800 different chemical stored in most everyone's fat cells.

  • Toxins in our air, water and soil are only a small part of the problem. Damaging toxicity comes household cleansers, fertilizers, plastic bottles and styrene cups.

    Dr. Sherry Rogers has written a best selling book: Detoxify or Die If you want to be convinced of the need for concern, get it and read it.

    This all equates to the sad and sorry state we find ourself in as a results of the dangers of our toxic environment. As a 'Downwinder' from Utah, I know the devastating effects of environmental pollution.

    But Utah is not the only place that is (and was) toxic. We live in a world of 'Downwinders' as our environment keeps getting more and more toxic year after year from industrial, chemicals, electromagnetics, microwaves, convenience food packaging, low level ozone, new strains of flu, viruses, and bacteria, and of course, nuclear fallout, both radioactive and non-radioactive.

    Over 30 years ago, I began my quest for better health. I was in my teens then. I spent my early married life wondering if some supplement or eating fad was really going to help. Even from the doctors, everything was an educated guess. If you understand the laws of health, you will discover that all disease comes down to one simple concept -- sick, polluted cells.

    We Are Lucky To Live Today

    We are so lucky to live now. Science, medicine, and technology have come to a wonderful juncture where they no longer fight each other, but are finding answers working together. Western medical theology is opening up to accept unconventional practices. Things like the healing power of nutrition, herbs and energy. Quantum physics is being explored and, although not completely understood, accepted as the new frontier.

    We are once again looking to nature for answers to hard questions. The medical field has mastered many wonderful feats in all aspects of human frailties. They do a good job of putting us back together, correcting structural problems, some even before birth, and treating disease caused by bacteria and viruses.

    We are lucky to live at a time where alternative medicine is no longer looked on as foolishness or superstition. We have now emerged with what is called COMPLIMNETARY medicine.

    And with our purchasing power, We can make a difference. We can take responsibility for our own health. And we can influence manufacturing to discontinue wasteful and toxin forming practices and adopt use eco-friendly practices. By Working Together Through Membership Programs, Shopping Together, Supporting Environmentally Friendly Companies and Practices, We Will All Win.

    Trust Mother Nature. She always knows best.

    Heal Mother Nature, and We Will Heal Yourselves

    Solutions To The Dangers Of Our Toxic Environment

    There is a way.

    Nikken provides a eco friendly living environment. Prevention is better than Treatment. Do what you can to reduce environmental pollution from entering the body by filtering them out before you breath or drink them. Protect your pocketbook with their membership programs. Save money yourself. Save money for your family and friends through their referral programs without joining a MLM.

    Clean Water, Clean Air, Non-toxic Cleaning Supplies, Good Quality Sleep, Adequate Exercise, Good Nutrition, and Zeolites.

    By using products and supporting companies that are environmentally friendly, we all win. ---And we all live healthy.

    It is important our cleaning supplies, personal hygiene, and trash are bio-degradable (environmentally friendly); That choices support the environment instead of adding to pollution.

  • Simple Steps To Detox From Heavy Metals

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  • We drink them.
  • We even absorb them through our hands and skin.

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