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How Do You Know If You Need To Detox From Heavy Metals?

Heavy metal poisoning seems to be connected to just about every health and/or allergy problem, disease, disorder, and major and minor irritations there are. And It Is True.

When you suspect you may need to detox from heavy metals, and want to know which one(s), you can test relatively inexpensively.

Hair analysis , or urine and saliva test are a reliable way to test for a wide range of metals, including manganese, mercury, lead, arsenic.

Diagnose Me is another affordable way to evaluate your medical condition. It is a computerized 900 question analysis you do online to help you know the possibilities for your symptoms. It pulls together extraordinary amounts of research, rules, connections, studies and real-world experience, applying all of this to the way you answer the questions.

Detox from Heavy Metals

Zeolite is a natural way to take care of Mother Nature's problem. Metal is a natural element formed nature.

Zeolite, too, is a naturally formed mineral. It is Mother Nature's way of handling the accumulation of heavy metals in our environment.

The balance of nature has been disrupted in our modern world. We have overloaded Mother Nature with pollution from man made technology. Nature is now unable to keep up with the high amounts of toxins we put into our air, which settle in our soil and drinking water.

To offset the excess of toxin polluting substances we live and breath in, we now need to clean (detox) our bodies regularly. Heavy Metals have been expecially hard to remove from our bodies. They become lodged in our brains, the soft tissue, our organs, muscels and nervous systems. Man made chemicals, heavy metals, and ozone are making us sick.

In order to keep up with the constant overload, modern technology has found a way to make 'Liquid Zeolite'. has proven to have amazing properties to detox from heavy metals by removing them from the cells, including the brain.

”Liquid “ Is A Miss Label

”Liquid Zeolite“is really a miss label. Zeolite is a mineral. Metals and minerals are not biodegradable. Therefore zeolite cannot truly be made into a liquid, nor can it be absorbed directly into the water molecule. It can only be suspended in water. Thus the term 'liquid'is not totally correct in discribing zeolite.

Unless the zeolite molecule is crushed small enough to be absorbed by the bloodstream, it can not effectively pull toxins and heavy metals from the body. Many zeolite products claim to be 'liquid', but are, infact, too large to be effectively absorbed into the bloodstream, even though they can't be seen in water. This makes them ineffective when you are trying to detox from heavy metals in the brain or body cells.

It is important that the liquid zeolite product is

  • 'Micronized', not merely 'suspended'
  • 'Completely activated' (cleaned totally from the toxins naturally trap from nature
  • Packaged right, so it does not become 'full' before you ingest it.

Zeolites are Mother Nature's way of ridding the environment of potentially dangerous levels of heavy metals and environmental pollution. Zeolite is naturally formed when volcanic lava meets sea water. This reaction causes a porous mineral to form that is negatively charged, attracting positively charged minerals (heavy metals) and trapping them safely inside. Thus protecting the environment.

Problems arise when there are more pollutiants than there are zeolite molecules to absorb them.

This causes a condition called Biomagnification: when the air, water and food have such a high concentration of toxic elements that they becomes harmful to humans, plants and animals.

Biomagnification in turn causes a condition called bioconcentration and bioaccumulation; when nonbiogradible substances become accumulated in the body's gut, tissues, organs, and brain, causing “toxic overload” or “poisoning”.

Micronizing and cleaning zeolite is an expensive process, and it the only process to make zeolite effective in detoxing from heavy metals in the body and brain.

Detox From Heavy Metals, by Dr. James Howenstien
Dr James Howenstine, MD, known simply as "Dr. Jim" to thousands of patients has written about the healing benefits of zeolite.

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