How To Build An
Eco Friendly Home

An eco friendly home is smart living.

Nothing has a more constant influence on your physical and mental health than where you live.

Our vision is: Every Home a Wellness Home.

Where To Begin

Follow The 4 Steps. It is that easy.

The Up Side: There is no remodeling or technical knowledge required.

The Down Side: You must begin with buying products.
Begin by ordering products in each of the Steps below, and in 4 Easy Steps, You will have your wellness Home!

1 STEP: Create an Eco Friendly Environment

Begin With The Best Water Filters and Negative Charged Ion Air.

KenkoAir Purifier, Pi-Mag Waterfall Water Filter, Shower Head Purifier

STEP 2: Quality Sleep

This is most expensive product in our lineup for turning your home into an eco friendly home. BUT IT MAY WELL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT

Begin by understanding Why You Need A Sleep System?

Then choose from the product line-up.

Order Your Better Quality Sleep Products

STEP 3: Nutrition and Bio-Replenshment

Whole Food Nutrition and Bio-Replenshment Hard to find time to eat healthy? No worries. Nikken has solved the problem.

STEP 4: Increase Your Energy and Address Discomforts

This is the last step, but the one pushing most of us into action. And it is the most affordable.

The Product Nikken Was Built On

You may need convincing, if you do, do some research.
Click Here: Advanced Magnetic Technology

There You Have It.

4 Easy Steps For Building Your Own Eco Friendly Home.

Contact Me and I will walk you through the process and help you make decisions for your own eco friendly home and show you how to save 20%.


If you put it off until tomorrow, too often 'tomorrow' never comes.

Don't wait for disaster or disease to strike. It may be too late by then.

More Nikken Products For Your Eco Friendly Home
Nikken, the world leader in wellness technology. From 1975, Nikken has been a different kind of company. By designing products for eco friendly homes, they offer people everywhere a better way to live. See their full line of products...

TreeSap Enterprises now makes Wellness Homes affordable to everyone while promoting the Nikken Wellness Home Initiative. Help others as you help yourself by participating this charitable program to donate this much needed wellness technology to non-profit organizations, individuals and families in need. Together we can make a difference.

When We Learn To Live By Eco-Friendly Standards, We All Win.
Most of us want to be eco responsible. We do not want to cause harm to our environment. We know that eco friendly living is smart for our health as well as for the environment. And Now, eco friendly living is smart for our pocket book too.