Eco Friendly Jewelry

Discover The Wonder Of Magnets
eco friendly jewelry

Magnetic Necklace $138.00

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What makes it "eco freindly jewelry"?

  More than just the material it is made of, this beautiful Eco Friendly Jewelry is jewelry made in harmony with the Energy of Nature.

 What is more natural than the earth's magnetic field?
 Magnetic energy is part of the natural environment for all living things.

The precise mechanism of action of magnetic energy on the human body is unknown, although numerous theories exist. Clinical studies have indicated that magnets hold promise in the development of new, scientific approaches to many of the challenges of modern life.


Why wear eco friendly jewelry?  Nothing is more natural than magnetics.  The earth itself is magnetic.
The Earth’s Magnetic Field is recognized as a protective barrier against dangerous radiation from space.

We make no medical claims, either stated or implied, as to the benefits of our magnetic jewelry.
But, scientific and therapeutic applications of magnetism are being studied in technical laboratories and medical institutions worldwide.   The volume of information from these findings is growing every day.   The benefits are emerging, ...with no significant risk.
Some of the most beneficial, is the evidence of eco friendly jewelry on arthritis, muscle stiffness and the immune system.
Many buy magnetic bracelets for arthritis relief in the hands and wrist,   And magnetic necklaces for improving immune function. 
Compare that with other product or procedure, medical or alternative, and you will find the potential for side effects or pain.  Magnets present no significant risk.  The only side effect reported  from magnetic jewelry is more energy, discomfort relief, muscle and bone healing. 
Magnets either 'work' or they don't.

Eco friendly jewelry is made from elements of the earth, the most common being magnets. Magnetic bracelets and necklaces replicate the earth's magnetic field, making them truly eco friendly. 

eco friendly jewelry

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