Eco Friendly Products

Mother Nature and You; Eco Friendly Products

We are so glad to see so many people interested in the future since that is where we are headed and that is where we will be living.

We also realize we can not just exist in the present but have to invest in the future since that is where we will be living soon.


  • Air and Water Purifiers

    Ion Air Purifiers

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    Breath clean air. EPA's ENERGY STAR of approval.

    By learning, developing and using Negative Ion Generation—without creating Ozone—we can clean the air. The Japanese call this shinrinyoku, “forest-air breathing.” Energy efficient and environmentally responsible, a true member of our eco friendly products.

    The Best Eco Water Filters best water filters, eco water filters

    NSF tested and certified. Top in our family of eco friendly products, Our eco water filters duplicate Mother Nature's own way of purifying water.

    Pipe Magnets, Table Top, Shower, Water Bottle

    Living cells are mostly water. Our cells do not have built-in filtration systems. If the water we supply to them is contaminated, they absorb it and the cells are contaminated.

    What is the results of contaminated cells? Disease.

    Be aware of the quality of the water you shower in.

NSF tested and certified.

    Chlorine is known to be harmful to your health. Protect yourself with the only shower filtration system that combines advance redox filtration and PiMag Technology.

Soften water without salt or potassium. Another important element in our eco friend product lineup.

    Time tested and proven to reduce hard water buildup and sediment clumping. Magnetic neodymium and ferrite clamps on water pipes to brakes down hard water buildup in appliances, glass surfaces and your health.

Organic - Based Nutrition

These eco friendly products comprise the first complete nutritional program based totally on organic ingredients.


The newest and most advanced category of our eco friendly products.

  • Bone, Tissue, Joint, and Cartliage Health the only product with a patented system ˜ Syno-portin technology ˜ It literally helps rebuild bone density naturally.
  • Lactoferrin a natural material that forms the basis for living things, is lost through stress, and is vital for health.

For The Feet

Insoles to relax and energy sore, tired, feet and legs. EQL Magnetic Technology maximizes the number of intersecting flux fields and consistency of coverage.

Sleep Products

Surround yourself in the most advanced eco friendly products on the market today. A caccoon of Mother Nature's vibrations, The healing energy of the sun's Far-Infrared, and the peaceful Negative ions found in nature.


A family of eco friendly products for comfort and targeted sore spots.

Eco Friendly Jewelry

Organic Skin Care

Your skin is your only natural barrier between you and wind, weather and pollutants.

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Compliments of Cindy Judd, Independant Wellness Consultant

Tree Sap Enterprises specializes in the best eco friendly products for health, home and the environment.
All of the products are from Nikken, an eco-friendly company.
Nikken doesn't just market and produce eco products, they live it.

Prevention really is better than a Pound of Cure.

With these products, I have saved TIME and MONEY.

I don't know how to tell it any better or stronger or with more conviction than this.

A Wellness Home Will Save You Time and Money.

If you eat, sleep, drink water, and breath air... you need these products.

Please take the time to understand what I am talking about. Good health isn't about taking a pill to keep your heart from failing, or your diabetes in check, or your arthritis from crippling, or depression from getting you down. It's about feeling good, feeling happy, feeling like living.

I think the most common statement I hear from people at the Nikken conventions is:

Nikken gave me my life back.

Wouldn't you like to say that too?

Eco Friendly Products