EMF Dangers

EMF dangers are all around us. Anytime you turn on the computer, use your cell phone, watch TV, you are turning UP the electro-magnetic field (EMF), and thus turning UP the health dangers around you.

Electromagnetic pollution is the fastest growing pollution on the planet. read EM Watch

EMF Dangers All Around

Where Does EMF Come From? From power lines, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers, computers, cell phones, TV, microwaves, cars, motor cycles, and appliances.

The electromagnetic spectrum includes several different classes of radiation: low frequency, radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays and gamma rays.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Are All Around Us

Anytime electricity travels through a wire or on air waves or on and runs in an appliance, it produces an electromagnetic field.

Chances are you woke up to an electric alarm clock, turned on a light, showered with water produced by a hot water heater, drank a cup of coffee made by your electric coffee maker. We LIVE in an electrical- magnetic environment.

Electricity is all around us. Although we cannot see it, or taste it or smell it, EMF (electromagnetic field) dangers are there.

While research has not established definite scientific proof of the EMF dangers to our health, there is pretty good evidence. The simple fact that EMF dangers are still being aggressively studied should indicate to us that there is a real possibility of EMF harming us.

The National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, and the World Health organization all agree that long-term exposure to the high levels of EMF produced by power lines may lead to childhood leukemia.

Science shows your body conducts electricity better than air.

We are actually an antenna for electricity. In small doses, there is little to be concerned about, but with our growing electronic age, electromagnetic pollution IS a concern.

Electromagnetic Pollution is the fastest growing pollution on earth.

Major Health Issues And Concerns

Long term exposure to EMF pose the dangers of: leukemia, cancer, brain tumors, alzheimer's, MS, autism, and ADD. (Do you notice the connection to brain malfunctions?)

Short term exposure to EMF has been associated with: brain fog, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, eye strain, headaches, sinus problems, skin rashes and tennitus.

Many, many people (including children) have both short term and long term health problems.

Body Burden ,an article writen about the pollution in newborn babies, show that babies are born under high doses of EMF due to the lights, machines, monitors, and medical devices used in delivery. Additionally we place soothing music, low lights and baby monitors close to the baby at all times.

One of the most interesting studies is the effects of educational TV on the brain development of babies.

I personally don’t know where we go to get away from EMF dangers. But there are steps we can take to inhibit the EFM effects on our bodies.

We Need To Use Common Sense

We need to use common sense when dealing with EMF dangers.

The small ‘tingle’ of electric we might get from an electrical shock is of no major concern, but prolong electrical shock is.

Like the appliance that runs on 1-10 electricity but blows out when plugged into a 2-20 current, our bodies cannot run properly in a high magnetic environment. We start to short out. Our week points blow first.

Maybe it is our brain functions---we don’t think clearly (brain fog) or we become irritable.

Could high, long-term EMF exposure contribute to autism, ADD, alzheimer’s? (I think it is interesting that skin rashes are linked to EMF exposure)

>br> Unlike our appliances, our bodies don’t burn out all at once.

And Unlike our appliances, because of the antenna effect, we are susceptible to ALL the waves going through the air. –24 hours, day and night.

Unlike our appliances, we don’t need a wire to connect us to electricity. Our bodies are like the air…we absorb electricity by just being in its’ presence. Wireless frequencies are a growing concern.

Electromagnetic pollution is the fastest growing pollution on the planet. (EM Watch)

Everywhere and increasingly we are using our cell phones, our iPods, our ear phones.

These are not only all around us, but close to us. Our children have cell phones and many use them all day long. My son could text message while carrying on a conversation with us and his cell phone was in his pocket!

Now, let me be clear, there are no confirmed scientific evidence of health risks associated with the use of these things, EXCEPT

  • Point-to-point lasers can cause serious burns and/or blindness
  • Prolonged exposure to microwaves and power lines has been linked to cancer and leukemia

Most health concerns related to EMF danger are due to electricity from our day-to-day use. In doing everyday activities such as
  • Sitting in front of a computer monitor and
  • Watching TV pose the greatest risk.
  • Using our cell phones and iPods

Wireless technology should not be seen as an exceptional risk when used in moderation. The real danger, however, is that we normally position ourselves too close to the electromagnetic field source (computer monitor, TV, etc.). Talking for hours with the cell phone next to our head might be something of a concern.

The EPA warns about the health effects of living next to an electric power grid two blocks from our home or school, but have you though to consider we sleep each night with our head only a few feet from an AC powered clock radio? Which may be far worse due simply to proximity to our body? What about the dangers of working under high frequency, high voltage, fluorescent light fixtures?

The strength of the electromagnetic field (EMF) and thus it’s dangers, decreases the further the field source is. Therefore, if we are 2 meters away from the electrical source, the EMF strength is reduced to 1/4, but if we move 8 meters away from the source, the EMF strength is reduced to 1/64 of its original strength.

What To Do To Miminize EMF Dangers