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Pi-Mag Filtered Water is water of the same constitution as water inside all living things --- humans, animals and plants. In other words, "living body water”.

Pi-Mag Water contains trace minerals. Unique to it pi-mag filtered water is a very small amount of ferric ferrous salt (Fe2Fe3). These trace minerals are suspended naturally, making them more usable by the body.

Pi-Mag Filtered Water breaks down long string water molecules and cysts, removes chlorine and reduces over 30 contaminants, including lead, mercury, arsenic, VOL (which most pharmaceuticals are made up of), chemicals and fertilizers. making pi-mag filtered water the most absorbable water there is.

North Americans are know as nations of dehydrated people.

But, Cities Filter Our Drinking Water

They Do. All towns and cities have water treatment plants that treat our water with chlorine to kill the 'bugs' that can make us sick. The problem is, chlorine is a carcinogenic itself, and can kill you.

Over time, constant exposure to chlorine is suspected to increase our risk of cancer 44%!

The President's Council on Environmental Quality states that

    "there is increased evidence for an association between rectal, colon and bladder cancer and the consumption of chlorinated drinking water."

One fact many many not be as well know is that the dangers of chlorine is the greatest when vaporized -- like in our showers. Most of us want it removed from our drinking water, but have you though about how much is ingested through the vapor of our morning shower?

Yes, our cities do treat our water, but we must filter our water to protect ourselves from the treatment!

Instead of being angry about this fact, we should be grateful our towns and cities provide us with the luxury of running water from our taps into our homes.

It is simple to filter our treated tap water to take the chlorine out. You can spend a lot or a little. Pi-mag Filtered Water gives you the best of both worlds---good filtered water that is wonderfully good for you that you can afford.

Because of the way our municipal water is treated and cleaned, long-string water molecules are formed. A great deal of body energy is necessary to convert it back into water our bodies can really use. For a healthy person, this is not so critical, but for thoses who have chronic health challenges, this can be a major concern.

Many have turned to drinking only Bottled Water.

Bottled Water does remove the chlorine, but does little else to filter the water. The ongoing debate is:

Is Bottled Water Simply Expensive Tap Water?

Is Bottled Water Simply Expensive Tap Water?

Health risk from drinking and discarding plastic containers from bottled water may be skyrocketing our health care costs in every country around the world.

Certain chemicals in the plastic containers are known to leach into the water these containers hold, especially if the bottles are stored or on shelves for any appreciable length of time. On consuming this water, these chemicals may be absorbed and retained in body tissue.

The cost of Bottled Water to both our environment and our pocket book is almost criminal.

Filter Your Own And Save Money

You can have good, clean, filtered water, while at the same time turning it into 'pi-mag water' (the water of all life). It is simple and easy. You can protect yourself, your family AND the environment at a fraction of the cost of buying water.

Maybe even more disastrous than the individual cost of Bottled Water to each family budget, is the environmental cost.

Stop filling our land fills with throw away plastic bottles that never disintegrate, and leach toxic carcinogenic plastics into our soils where it leaches into our food and water supply. The mountain of discarded, non-biodegradable containers that fill our land fill every month poses a potentially ecological disaster.

Even the most expensive Pi-mag Water System will not only pay for itself, but in five years, will save the average family of four, $2,512.00 over bottled filtered water priced at .50 cents a gallon!

Priemum Bottled water can cost more than 5 times that much.


Health Alert:

Another misconception the general public has is anything liquid is counted as water.

Beverages do not count for water. Substituting juice, pop, tea or other liquids don't count in our need for water. We need to drink water, good clean filtered water, in addition to beverages.

From his website, Water For Kids – A bit of science by Dr. Berrie Lewis, Dr Lewis talks directly to kids about the importance of drinking water and the danger of substituting other liquids for water:

    "Mostly, we've been drinking too many sodas to get our water. The problem is that to make those sodas taste good, they are either filled with sugar (which makes you fat! and you know what that means. Right? Right, you do know don't you? Getting fat will make you SICK and SORE, and none of us want that. Right?) or chemicals. They won't make you fat, but they will make you sick."
This advice applies to all of us.

How Was Pi-Water Discovered?

Pi-Water was created through the study of botanical physiology.   In 1964, Dr. Akihiro Yamashita, an agricultural scholar, devoted himself to studying "Florigen" the hormone responsible for plant producing buds or leaves.

Dr. Yamashita, together with Dr. Shinji Makino (Science Department, Toboku University ). discovered a connection with water and devoted himself to the research of Pi-Water.

It was noticed in another valley that near a small remote town, nestled in the pristine mountains of Japan, there was a region where the surrounding vegetation grew particularity well.  It was found the valley stream passed down between two hills.  The one contained magnetite and the other calcium compounds.  In the bed of this watercourse was silicates, the material that forms natural crystals.

Deducting from the fact that all living thing share the same basic needs, scientists set out to duplicate these natural conditions in the laboratory.  The results were so fabulous, and the need for pristine water so great, Isamu Masuda, founder and visionary of the world renowned total wellness company,  Nikken, incorporated it into his world class wellness product line, making naturally filtered water accessible and affordable for all.

Complete information from the distributor can be obtained   HERE.

The Amazing Qualities of Pi Water

  • Amazingly, when put in pi-water, a gold fish survive 216 days airtight container, where otherwise they survive less than a week.
  • Another amazing feat achieved only with pi-water, saltwater fish & fresh water fish can live together in high-energy Pi-Water.
  • Because it slows oxidation and suppresses the increase of excessive free radicals, it may slow the effects of aging.
  • Slowing oxidation makes fruits, vegetables and meats keep their freshness longer.
  • Some of the minerals that make Pi Water so unique is the type of calcium it contains. This calcium is dissolved in the water and thus able to deliver more calcium to the cell membranes and cytoplasm.


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Decades ago, scientists discovered that the water in a remote area of Japan produced amazing results on the surrounding plants. You will taste and feel the difference! Click on the technology link for more information.

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