Food Cravings And What They Mean

Most of us have had food cravings and you probably have wondered what they mean.

There is no medical explanation for food cravings and what they mean to our health. Some say food cravings are created in the brain by suggestion and are not connected to what your body needs. I do not agree.

When you have a food craving it does mean something. It might be emotional. It might mean your hormones are changing. It might mean you are low in something nutritionally. It might mean you have a dependency (addiction) or an allergy.

There are six categories of food cravings and what they mean.

  • Craving sweets (especially chocolate and soda)
  • Craving Salty Foods
  • Craving Fatty Foods
  • Craving Red Meats
  • Craving Harmful and/or Crazy things (called Pica cravings)

In Mar 2003, The Journal of Nutrition, published their findings that 68% of men and 97% of women report having food cravings. Chocolate is number one.

Women are more likely to crave high fat, sweet foods. Men crave high fat meats and salty foods and do crave chocolate.

What Can Food Cravings Mean?

Chocolate is a common craving, and may be associated with a lack of magnesium.

Craving red meat may mean you need more protein.

Craving fatty foods seem to be connected to emotions. Anxiety, hormone changes and eating disorders all seem to be associated with fatty food cravings.

Craving salty foods, such as potato chips or eating salt from the salt shaker, can mean you need to drink more water to restore your electrolyte balance, Or you may be deficient in minerals.

Weird cravings such as laundry starch, cigarette butts, potting soil and chewing ice may have a linked to an iron deficiency. I had a daughter who craved chalk when she was pregnant, she was low in iron and vitamin B.

Harmful cravings, such as craving thing we are allergic to or addictive substances, are the most dangerous. We may need professional help to control them.

Food allergies such as an allergy to wheat or sugar allergies can cause intense cravings. I remember dreaming about eating cookies and bread while I was nearly dying from colitis caused by my wheat allergy. I would get so hungry for breads that I would chew them up and spit them in the sink instead of swallowing them!

What Is The Answer To Food Cravings

There is no sure answer. BUT...

The healthier you are...

    The better you feel...
      The less food cravings you have.

There are two foods that are more nutritious than the rest. Neither are expensive. Neither are man-made.

One is Dark Chocolate

    The other is Barley Grass

If you are experiencing food cravings of any sorts and wonder what they mean and what you can do about them, start here.