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The Next Generation of Gravity Water Filter Systems

Not All Gravity Water Filter Systems Can Do What The Nikken Waterfall Can.

The slightly alkaline water produced by the PiMag Waterfall Gravity Water Filter System may help offset the acidic nature of a typical modern diet and other environmental conditions.

It decreases oxidation reduction potential — a high ORP contributes to oxidative decomposition. The ionizing effect can help slow down cellular destruction (aging).

Features and Benefits

PiMag Waterfall gravity water filter system tastes delicious. You probably will notice a difference.

Because it works without electricity or plumbing, it can be used in any location.

Some products on the market using similar filtration technology claim to be equivalent to the PiMag Waterfall. These do not perform at a comparable level and fail to meet accepted filtration test standards.

Nikken - Quick Reference Sheet

Nikken Waterfall Pi-Mag Gravity Water Filter System


PiMag Water Technology, gravity flow, multiple filtration


6.6 lb/3 kg


Fill tank: 1.32 gallons/5 liters; supply tank: 1.45 gallons/5.5 liters (with mineral stones)


Pi material, mineral stones, recyclable polymer, ring magnet (1,200 gauss)


Fill top tank with water. Filtered PiMag water collects in the lower supply tank.


Filter cartridge: 90 days or 900 liters, whichever comes first

Mineral stones: once per year


Use a CR2032 battery or equivalent


One-year limited warranty


 Enhanced filtration technology in the PiMag Waterfall has earned the Water Quality Association Gold Seal and meets standards of performance in reducing certain water contaminants. The PiMagWaterfall uses the natural principle of gravity, and at a fraction of the price of other filtration products.

A regulated acid/alkaline (pH) balance is essential for maintaining health, but a typical modern diet and lifestyle can lead to excess acidity. Ordinary water from a household tap, well or bottle isalso often acidic. The PiMag Waterfall is designed to produce water with added minerals, in a pHrange of 8.5-9.5.

Ionized water decreases oxidation-reduction potential. A high ORP contributes to unwantedoxidative decomposition. Ionized PiMag water from the Waterfall can help offset the oxidizingeffect of many elements of the modern diet and environment. This can actually help slow downcellular destruction.

PiMag Water Technology is ideal for a variety of uses — water for drinking, cooking — almost anyapplication. Because it is so much more affordable than commercially bottled water, you can enjoyhigh-quality, filtered PiMag water in everything.

•PiMag water is an exceptional source of what your body needs. It can help restore the balance offluids that plants, animals — and human beings — are composed of internally.

The PiMag Waterfall is more practical than drinking bottled water. A supply of full water bottles isinconvenient. With the PiMag Waterfall, you just add water and produce PiMag water on the spot.

•The PiMag Waterfall is environmentally responsible in several ways.

  1. It reduces the number of discarded, disposable water bottles that become trash in landfills.
  2. This also decreases consumption of fossil fuels used in manufacturing those bottles.
  3. PiMag products are made with recyclable and biodegradable materials, including a polymer that does not leach chemicals into water as some plastics will.

PiMag Technology is exclusive to Nikken. Waterflows through multiple filter stages, comes incontact with pi minerals and traverses a magnetic field, resulting in PiMag water.

This is accomplished without the use of electrical power, bypass (waste) water or the addition of chemicals.

AND In case of a natural disaster, when others don't have a reliable source of clean water, you can still have safe drinking water. Simply add a few drops of any purifying agent, and run it through the Waterfall Gravity Water Filter System.

Nikken Waterfall Brochure

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The PiMag® Waterfall® is certified to meet contaminant-reduction specifications of ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53 in reducing compounds including aesthetic chlorine, chloramine, mercury and volatile organic compounds.

This level of performance is superior to filtration in other gravity water filter systems that cost ten times the price, require electrical power and produce wastewater.

The PiMag® Waterfall® adjusts water pH to help balance against a typical modern diet and lifestyle that can lead to excess acidity.

Ionizing technology saturates water with electron-rich ions to neutralize free radicals, while pi ceramics and Nikken magnetic technology complete the process.

And as alternative to commercially bottled water, the PiMag® Waterfall® helps reduce the number of discarded, disposable bottles that become trash in landfills.

•Advanced filtration technology

      Certified to reduce harmful contaminants, for cleaner, better water.

•Pi technology

       Adds natural minerals, adjusts pH for acid/alkaline balance and ionizes to help protect against oxidation.

•Magnetic technology

       A circular magnetic field acts to reduce sediment clumping.

•Compact design 

       Can be set up on a counter or practically anywhere.

•Gravity flow operatio

      Gravity water filter systems requires no electricity or plumbing.


       A more practical and cost-effective alternative to bottled water or water ionizers.

•Environmentally responsible

       Made from recyclable, non-leaching materials, reduces consumption of water bottles.


"I soaked 2 grapefruit, for 3 hours, one in tap water and the other in PiMag water.

"When I set them out on a plate, the PiMag water grapefruit was all white!!   I was so puzzled!

I decided to let them set there, watch them, and see what is going to happen next. After a couple days of thinking about this, it dawned on me, that the white I was seeing was the wax coating that is put on the fruit to preserve it. It had absolutely 'curdled' the wax on the PiMag water grapefruit and did nothing to the tap water one. That is what they still look like. I am awaiting, each day, to see any changes in the fruit.


It Worked For Me...

"This might sound crazy, but I think I do feel more energy and better mental focus."

"I notice instead of reaching for a can of pop... I now reach for the water...."