Heavy Metal Tests
How It Is Done

Testing for heavy metals is different than testing for disease.

  • Saliva and Urine tests are one way to test for heavy metal toxins. They are somewhat like a blood test, however. Saliva and urine tests will measure the amount of metals being eliminated from the body, but do not register the amount lodges in the body. Saliva and urine test: Aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine, chrome, cobalt, copper, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, silver, and tin.

    Whenever you suspect Heavy Metal Poisoning, it is advised to test for it. Although urine and saliva tests are not conclusive, they are a good place to start.

    • Hair Analysis is another way to test for Heavy Metal Poisoning. Dr. Janet Starr Hull has made hair evulation possible over the internet. Through hair analysis, you can detect exactly what chemicals are inside of you, including radiation, heavy metals such as mercury, food chemicals, pesticides and more

    Hair analysis is one of the most accurate ways of detecting toxic metals in the tissues and determining vitamin and nutrient imbalances.

    Dr Hall recommends after you identify what toxic chemicals yoy are poisioned with,it is important to identify the cause(s)of their source before you attempt to "heal" from them.

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