Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are somewhat loosely defined as a group of metallic chemical elements that compose the earth's crust. They can not be destroyed and do not degrade over time. Most of them are positivity charged. Some are important for the health of the body (trace minerals) in small quantities; but toxic in large quantities. While some are 'carcinogenic' , meaning deadly, and should not be in the body at all.

In nature, heavy metal concentration is handled by zeolite, a naturally made, honeycombed, negatively-charged mineral that traps these metals from air, water and soil to maintain a health balance for all living things, including humans.

But, because of man made pollution, Mother Nature is unable to keep up with the amount of heavy metals spewing into the environment. It is universal knowledge of the build up of heavy metals in our soil, air and water. This in turn gets into our bodies and makes us sick.

Children are especially susceptible as they become contaminated before they are even born through the mother's womb.

The highly quoted article done by the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit research organization based in Washington D.C., Body Burden reports that all the newborn babies they tested, had and “averaged 200 contaminants in their blood, including mercury, fir retardants, pesticides and the Tefton chemical PFOA. In total, the babies' blood contained 287 chemicals, including 209 never before detected in (umbilical)cord blood.”

Most neurological, developmental, and autoimmune disorders are linked to heavy metals being trapped in our bodies.

Conditions like tow-walking, autism, seizures, brain fog, headaches, stomach aches, numbness, loss of appetite, weight gain, fatigue, CFS, low body temperature, seem to have a connection to the amount of heavy metals in our bodies.

Preliminary research show toxic levels of heavy metals complicate most all medical, neurological, behavioral and developmental problems.

Lab Tests are very expensive, and there are few medical labs set up to do heavy metal testing through the blood. Another problem is that environmental toxins accumulate in the tissue, and so blood tests are not a reliable way to test for them.

The best way to test is through hair analysis urine and saliva tests and questionnaires.

Heavy metal toxicity
seems to just be the way it is in today's world. It is the amount of, the type of, and the length of time we are exposure to metals that is our demise.

However, children are the most at risk.

    “Chemical exposure during childhood can be far more harmful than those later in life. Our (umbilical) cord blood findings above all raise the need for testing that ensures the safety of the widespread exposure we've documented that begin even before birth,” EWG's vice president for research, Jane Houlihan.

It Is Easier Than You Think

It is easy enough to address the issue of toxic metal poisoning.

Cleaned, macronized, activated, liquid zeolite is a natural mineral formed in nature, by nature, for nature, to handle the overload of metals form the environment.

Through modern scientific technology, zeolite can now be formulated, cleaned, macronized, activated and suspended in water, so it can do in the human body what it does in nature---trap and eliminate harmful particles.

Zeolite is one of the few products on the FDA's list of Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) and carries no age or dosage warnings on the lable. It is deemed safe for infants, children, adults and pregnant women.

Why Remove Heavy Metals From Your Body