Home Water Purification System

Home Purification System

FACT: Millions of people worldwide spend millions of dollars on complex home water purification treatment systems for their homes. WHY?

FACT: Consumers worldwide spend more than one hundred billion dollars on commercially Bottled Water.

FACT: Even though households have these whole house filtration systems, they continue to buy bottled water.


Could It Be The Quality Of Water After Filtering?

  • Too much sodium from soft water.
  • Acidic water from others.
  • The growing concern of volatile organic compounds, VOC, (pharmaceuticals) in left in our water.

What Can You Do?

  • Don't waste you hard earned money on an expensive home water purification system that leaves your water you aren't comfortable drinking.

  • Don't trust the water filter from your fridge.

  • Buy yourself a reusable, good quality water bottle you can refill.

  • Get the Nikken Pimag Water system for your sink and shower.

FACT: There is a compound filtration system that is extremely efficient — in NSF testing, more than 30 contaminant, (including VOCs) were reduced < 90%.

What Are The Contaminants We Need To Filter?

Caffeine, Lead, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Ascetic, Mercury, Cadmium, Heavy Metals, Chlorine Resistant Parasites, and Chlorine.For additional information about what is in the water in the United States, go to the U.S.G.S. study at the website: toxics.usgs.gov/regional/emc.html

    Caffeine is the most common and with the highest concentration found in water.

      Why is this a concern? Do you have a baby or young children in the house? Are there any elderly that can't sleep living with you?

  • Pharmaceuticals are found in our city and country water ways.
      The most common are: Antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control pills, seizure medication, cancer treatments, pain killers, codeine, tranquilizers, Premarin, an estrogen replacement drug, and cholesterol-lowering compounds ...even chemotherapy agents.

  • Dangerous Heavy Metals like cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury.

  • Tysts, MTBE, Turbidity, Chlorine, Bad tastes, Odors

The Nikken PiMag Home Water Filtration System leaves you water you want to drink.

Pimag water is unique among home water purification systems because it adds the atypical combination of minerals which makes water naturally alkaline. Water, in the proper alkalinity, helps to counter-balance our acidic diet.

Buy A Home Water Purification System That Will Improve Your Body's pH Blance Naturally

Your pH is important to your health. Water is one way to help bring it into balance and maintain a proper pH balance in the body.

    1)The Magna-Charger for your pipes and appliances ($155.00)

    2)The Wataerfall Pi-Mag drinking water filter for your kitchen ($385.00)

    3)The Ultra Shower Head for your morning shower )($115.00 - 140.00

You have a Whole Home Water Purification System for under $700.00.

As easy as that, you have a home water purification system that will *balance your pH, *clean your water, *save the environment, and *improve your health.


Protects your pipes and prolong the life of your appliances from the damage of hard water, without adding sodium or potassium. $155.00

PiMag™ Water System:

Don't forget your shower. Did you know you absorb more water through the skin and lungs in your morning shower than you do by drinking water all day long?

MicroJet Shower System is as important as a home water purification system for your drinking water. For between $115.00 and $140.00 you can have a clean refreshing, no worries shower that will leave your skin soft and healthy.

Be Prepared. Don't find yourself without water in the case of natural disaster.

You will find filling and taking your own bottle full of PiMag water will become second nature as you discover the superior taste and cost saving benefits that come from doing it.

The Sports Bottle comes with an initial investment of $56.00, but you can buy replacement filters for under $19.00

And Think What You Are Doing To Save Our Environment and Keep Our Landfills From Over-Flowing With Plastic.

Waterfall Pi-Mag Water System

Cost Effective and My Personal Favorite - $385.00

New and Improved! Good for every day use, or to store away in case of catastrophe. With the Nikken, Waterfall PiMag Water System, you will have a continuous supply of clean drinking water as long as you have water to pour into it.

    Good for every day use, or to store away in case of catastrophe.
    (It is a wise practice to always have extra filters on hand. At $35.00 ea, each filter will supply a family of four up to 6 mo. of culinary use. These filters are affordable, certified, and have a long shelf life. Perfect for emergency storage.)

Like all Nikken home water purification products, The AquaPour pi-mag filter is NSF certified and carries the Water Quality Association's Gold Seal of Approval.

AWA-Gold Seal and NSF Certified Home Water Purification System

If you want the very best in home water purification, you'll buy the Nikken home water purification system.

Whether you are looking for

    *pure drinking water,
      *a clean morning shower,
        *cleaner pipes to save hot water tanks and appliances,
          *a personal prepardness emergency water purifier,
    or simply to *save the environment and our landfills of plastic bottles...

Nikken Has The Answer For All Home Water Purification System

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PiMag Water - Why It Is The Best Water Filter For Your Home Nikken PiMag Water Systems will not only pay for itself, but in five years, will save the average family of four, $2,512.00 over bottled filtered water priced at .50 cents a gallon. What PiMag Water Is.

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