What Is Home Wellness

Have You Ever Wondered

  • Where All Your Allergies Come From?
  • Or How To Improve Your Immune System? 
  • Or About The Effects of Electromagnetic Waves That Bombard You Daily?

Home Wellness:   Synergy in Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Like a Gardner's Greenhouse…

Home Wellness is a Protected, Controlled, Environment, Suited To Promote Optimal Health. 

  • A place where the body can clean its filters (your lungs, cells, liver, colon), rest, repair (sleep), and relax (release stress) and prepare for another day of stress, smog, conflict and competition.

Greenhouses for Humans?

Well, the easiest way, is to create an environment to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's not all about diet and exercise. Diet and exercise is the last element of a healthy lifestyle. The real answer is to begin with the Pillars of Health, not diet and exercise.

How to get healthy... And how to stay healthy...

     ...is to start with home wellness. Get clean ionized air to breath. Drink the best drinking water. Combat stress factors by getting better quality sleep. And eliminate electromagnetic waves with good-for-you biomagnetics.

Start with Home Wellness first. Then work on diet and fitness.

A Wellness Home is one that is healthy and one that will help

  • the immune system,
  • fight allergies,
  • promote quality sleep,
  • and overall healing naturally.

 In other words:  A Greenhouse For Humans.

Home Wellness is a house where every time you come home you come home to your own personal Greenhouse.

All you have to do is live, love, breath, eat, drink water, walk and sleep,---things you are doing already!

Home Wellness will affect everyone visiting or living there. Even the quality of life of your pets!

         It is so simple!

There is not a lot of things you need to do. You just add plug and play Eco-friendly products into your existing home, or if you are building a new home, simply implement these state of the art technologies and enjoy the benefits!  

There is no special pluming or remodeling necessary.


"A penny saved is a penny earned." And who couldn’t use more money in today’s economy with high gas prices and high medical costs.

How Much More Do You Want To Know About Home Wellness?

  •   Gretchen and Michael have 8 children.  Four of them have severe allergies and breathing problems.  They know first hand how important living in a  Wellness Home is.

  • Kevin and Keri Hoff also know the importance of Home Wellness.  Keri had breathing problems and noticed improvement almost immediately. 

Because of her success, Kevin and Keri decided to build a business helping others.  Their success gave them unexpected dividends. 

***The following statements are not endorsed by Nikken Inc. and are solely the opinion and experience of the contributor

FROM: mikengretchen@cox.net

***"We have 8 children and 4 of them had regular trouble with croup (4-6 times a year each)-we would often need to use the nebulizer & steroids to help them breathe so they could sleep. 8 of them had lots of allergy related problems and these would often turn into different complications and often infections. 1 was beginning to wheeze when he exercised. We got sleep systems for all of them and shortly afterward began using the PiMag countertop unit and showerhead. We had 2 instances of croup in the 1 1/2 years since we've gotten the sleep & water systems. Our family still has allergy sensitivities; but we don't get sick from them and rarely have colds; coughs; sore throats; ear problems; and headaches that accompany allergy symptoms.

We've only needed prescription medication a few times in the last 1 ½! (that's for a family of 10). Our son doesn't wheeze anymore when he exercises. It's gone.

Once he had some trouble breathing and he took a PiMag shower; drank some PiMag water; went to bed on his sleep system with a magnet on his chest and within 10 minutes of laying down the breathing problems were gone. We LOVE Nikken products!"


From: kahoff@hcpd.com

***Kevin and I were first introduced to Nikken 5 years ago and with much persuasion and investigation, we decided to purchase some products, hoping that I would see relief from my ever worsening breathing problems. After using the products for one week, Kevin and I both noticed we were sleeping more restfully and waking up more refreshed. I hadn't felt that good in years and I was only 29.

Every month after that I saw improvements and was eventually relieved of all my breathing aids. We were excited! So we came out of the closet. We shared our experiences with some of our friends and family and they too benefited from the products. That's when we decided to take a closer look at this company and truly see what it was all about. What we found was almost too good to be true. But what if it was true? I am now home with my three boys, Connor, Tate and husband Kevin, working maybe 20 hours/wk with a strong company that stands for everything that I believe in! I have the flexibility to work when I want, with who I want, and where I want. 

Kevin & Kari Hoff

Imagine what Home Wellness could do for you.


General Product Limited Warranty & Guarantee

 - Nikken offers a limited warranty on all of its products to retail customers of Independent Nikken Consultants.

Customer Guarantee

 - Nikken guarantees these products to be free from defects in workmanship and each product carries its own limited warranty, as listed on the warranty chart.

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 Nikken guarantees the quality of any nutritional and skin care product that carries the Nikken name and Nikken certifies that its products meet high standards of freshness and purity.

If you are not satisfied, the product may be returned to the Independent Nikken Consultant within 30 days after purchase.

Endorsements and Awards

(International Sleep Product Assoication)

Home Wellness 

CDC Report:

The Power of Prevention Chronic Disease . . . the public health challenge of the 21st century.

2014 Report

Symptoms of Toxic Overload

If you have checked with your doctor, and there is no other reason for how you are feeling, acting or looking, There is a good chance it is Toxic Overload.

  1. Consistent fatigue
  2. Acne
  3. Puffy eyes
  4. Eczema or Psoriasis
  5. Dry and/or itchy skin
  6. Muscle aches and pains
  7. Sensitivity to scents
  8. Bad breath
  9. Stubborn weight gain
  10. Constipation
  11. Headaches
  12. Irritability
  13. Stomach upset

This list of Toxic Overload Symptoms is not in anyway a means for diagnosing if you have toxic overload. These symptoms could be related to other, unrelated, more serious conditions.

ALWAYS check with your doctor first to rule out possible medical reasons first.

Home Wellness   is Complimentary to Modern Western Medicine


How much will Home Wellness cost?? 

Well, not too much... considering the return on your money. 

 As a matter of fact, these preventative health practices will actually pay you! 

In the April 24, 2008 issue of Newsweek Magazine, Dean Ornish M.D. wrote in and article entitled Yes, Prevention is Cheaper Than Treatment  

 "Don't be misled by recent reports, changes in diet and lifestyle are still the most effective way to lower health-care costs. You'll feel better, too. "Our "health-care system" is primarily a disease-care system. Last year, $2.1 trillion was spent in this country on medical care, or 16.5 percent of the gross national product. And 95 cents of every medical-care dollar went to treat disease after it had already occurred. At least 75 percent of these costs were spent on treating chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes that are preventable or even reversible. ARAND study projected nearly $81 billion in annual national health expenditure savings due to prevention and disease-management programs."

Dean Ornish M.D.

Newsweek Web Exclusive

Updated: 4:06 PM ET Apr 24, 2008


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