How To Get Healthy
Lesson 2

How To Get Healthy ---Lesson 2

Welcome Back To: How To Get Healthy Lesson 2

Lets review what we have learned about living a healthy lifestyle:Didn't we all agreed that

We Are The OWNERS Of Our Own Health.

There are 6, not 5 Essentials of Health:

  • O xygen
  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Exercise/Energy
  • Rest/SLEEP
  • $tress Management/Money

It is like taking a houseplant and putting it in a greenhouse - in a controlled, healthy environment it will really thrive.

Placed in a healthy controlled environment, our bodies too will thrive.

  • Healthy bio-magnetics, FIR, Air, Water and Nutrition will put your body in a optimal environment for health. You add the exercise. 

    This is called Living a Healthy Lifestyle.

Let’s prioritize:


  • What is the #1 need all living things have to live or survive on this planet? Without it we would all die within minutes.

YES. Air. Without the OXYGEN from the air, we would die withing minutes.

But what about the kind of air we breath? Is that important as well?

If the air we breath is full of toxins, pollutants, smoke and chemicals, when will we feel the effects? TODAY, or in the FUTURE?

       In the Future.


Next to Oxygen or Air, what will kill us in just a matter of days if we go without it?

  • You are right! WATER.

If we don't have water, we will die within a few days. But, what about the quality of the water?

If we don’t drink “the best” water today, when will it have an effect on us?   TODAY, or in the FUTURE?

That’s right, in the FUTURE. (although in Wisconsin 200,000 people were poisoned in 1 day from bad water).


If we don’t eat the right kind of food, when will it have an effect on us?

TODAY, or in the FUTURE?

         That’s right, in the FUTURE.


If we don’t exercise, when will we see and feel the impact on the body?

TODAY, or in the FUTURE?

           That’s right, in the FUTURE.


If we don’t get a good night sleep, when will we notice it?

    Now or in the Future?

Right NOW



  • “Sleep is more important than what food we eat. It is more important than exercise. Sleep governs our hormones, our emotions and our immune system. Studies show lack of sleep impairs immune function. It may be linked to diabetes, obesity, hyperactivity and growth.
  • Your immune system may be reduced by nearly 60% when you get one night’s bad sleep”. quote from the October 2001 Wellness News, by Dr. Valerie Kirk, Pediatrician, Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary

Therefore, if we want to invest in our health promotion preactices and get the most IMMEDIATE improvement in our HEALTH---where should we begin?

     WITH OUR SLEEP!  ...the quality of our REST

Rest or Sleep is the MOST IMPORTANT of the Essentials of Health because the only time the body can truly heal itself is while it is fast asleep!

   The better the rest, the better the chance for improvement.

If you don't sleep well, what are we to do about it? What CAN we do about it???

3 Things....

  1. Negative ions 
  2. Magnetics
  3. and Far infrared

              ... we will talk about them more in Lesson 3

Many people think How To Get Healthy is by becoming trim and fit.

Do you understand what WELLNESS is?

If we put Wellness in a Balance Wheel, there would be 2 basic parts:

         FITNESS and HEALTH

You can have a very fit person still drop dead because they don't have Total Wellness.

Most people invest in the Fitness side and expect to gain WELLNESS, ...all the while ignoring the ENVIRONMENTAL side of how to get healthy.

How To Get Healthy Lesson 2

  • You can't gain WELLNESS if the body doesn't have a healthy environment to live it.
  • In an unhealthy environment, Exercise and Dieting can actually make us less healthy!!

Perhaps it would be better to address the ENVIRONMENT side first, because it is the bigger side of WELLNESS in living a healthy lifestyle.

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