How To Get Healthy
Lesson 1


How to get healthy Lesson 1

  • Do we all agree that a Health Plan should include Good Health ...not just Sick Care?
  • And do we all agree that, like making money, we need to INVEST in it in order to have it when we are old?
  • And the time to begin in NOW..... Right Now.

So with “HEALTH” at the top of the priority list for what we want in life--What do we INVEST in?

Good 'How To Get Healthy' Health Investment Plan

Essential For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Lets start with the 5 Essentials of Health Promotion Practices, see if you know what they are...

  1. Every minute we breathe in (inhale deeply through nose) What do we need?


  1. We need to hydrate our bodies, but not with coffee or pop. What does our body need?


  1. We need to fuel our bodies throughout the day. What do we need? Food. Yes, you're right, but it’s not just food, it is


  1. At least three times a week we need to keep our muscles active, so we have to do what?Exercise! Why don’t most people exercise? Because they lack ENERGY

Energy to Exercise

  1. If we don’t lay down at least once a day for more than a few hours, we will deteriorate? YES ! Our bodies must rebuild and repair every day,

Rest or Sleep! (Did you know you will die faster from lack of sleep than lack of food? Internet general knowledge)

Would you not agree these are all ESSENTIAL to sustaining good health life for the long term and essential to our good health promotion practices?

6, not 5, Essentials Of Health Promotion Practices

Why would I say there are 6, not 5 essentials of Health Promotion Practices?

Let's Review:

Essentials for HEALTH

  1. Oxygen from the air
  2. Water
  3. Nutrients from our food
  4. Exercise / Energy
  5.  Rest / Sleep

What is lacking? 

     #6   INVESTMENT   ... $$$

Would you also agree that if we were going to INVEST in our HEALTH, we would have to INVEST MONEY in all of these areas?

        ... Then why don’t we?

....WE know our water is polluted. We know our air is toxic. We know our food is less nutritious and the American Diet is killing us. 

We are educated on this... but why don't we DO anything about it? 

  • We have turned that education over to the TV, i.e. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Coke, Pepsi, and even the drug companies, etc. The school lunch program has even been turned over to the FAST FOOD industry so who is doing the TEACHING?

It is time we take charge of our own health. It is time to start putting our money where our mouth is.... IN GOOD HEALTH PROMOTION PRACTICE

The 6th Essential for living a health lifestyle is MONEY. 

Lets face it... 

...we will either pay for it in doctor bills, or living a healthy lifestyle in a Wellness Home

When we leave $$ Money out of the mix, we will never really get healthy because money is the #1 reason for STRESS all over the world.

NIKKEN, Total Wellness Company, has made it their mission to change the world by 

  • ...inspiring individuals to discover a whole new way of life and provide them the opportunity to live it, by changing their lives through improved health and financial well-being.

Nikken Mission Statement

Through INDEPENDANT Wellness Consultants like me, Nikken teach Essential Health Principles for how to get healthy that not so long ago were common to nearly everyone.

It is our mission to replace Sick Healthcare with Good Healthcare Principles to families across the world. ---one home at a time.

Nikken deals in all the ESSENTIAL areas of health for life.

O xygen






Look what it spells when we circle the first letter of each word. OWNERS

We are responsible for our health,so  wouldn’t it be safe to say that we are the:

Owners of Our Health.

To Recap...

   Whose responsibility is it for HEALTH?

If you said the Doctor, you are wrong.

  • They are there for your sick care needs. 
  • They are there for crisis intervention like accidents and critical illness.

No, the right answer is:  It is OUR responsibility!

How To Get Healthy Lesson 1

 Don’t turn your HEALTH Plan over to someone else!