Ion Air Purifier Testimonials

Air Wellness Power5 Pro

These ion air purifier testimonials are personal opinions. Nothing here is to imply or suggest treatment or results of any kind for any condition. These are simply personal experiences noted by individuals using the Nikken air wellness technologies. Individual results may vary.

Hi. My name is Cindy Judd, and I am an Independant Wellness Consultant and owner of TreeSap Enterprises, the online eco-wellness store located in the heart of the Utah Rocky Mountains.

These stories are from people just like you who have experienced the wellness technology of the Nikken Air Wellness Power5 Pro ion air purifier.

First, my own personal experience with my ion air purifier. It wasn't until I had cancer that I knew the importance of having one.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    There was no cancer recorded in my family history, and few people I knew growing up ever had cancer. I learned that my cancer, breast cancer, was an effect of nuclear testing back in the '60s and '70s. I was officially dubbed a 'downwinder'... one of those nuclear fallout victims of Southern Utah.

    Luckily, we had a Wellness Home. I didn't realize what a blessing it was until I decided to go with my husband to a business convention, thinking I could rest after my chemotherapy treatment as well in the motel as I could at home. I brought my pi-mag water, my far-Infrared blanket, my magnets, and my nutritionals...everything except the ion air purifier. By evening my head ached so bad I could hardly stand it. By morning, I was sick to my stomach, my head ached, I couldn't use my eyes. I tried to 'tough it out' until the convention was over, but we ended up leaving by noon. I wondered if I would need to go to the hospital. But within two hours of being home, in my cocoon of wellness of my bedroom with the Air Wellness Power5 Pro, I began to feel better. I still slept a lot. My head still ached, but not so bad that I couldn't stand it. My eyes began to function again and my upset stomach went away. By morning, I still didn't feel as good as I had done after other chemotherapy treatments, but I could function. It took a few days for me to get my strength back, but after that, I made sure I went home and spent time in my room after every treatment. I never got sick like that again. And, it might be worth noting that, even though I did lose my hair, I never did get sick while taking my treatments. I didn't lose the feeling in my feet or hands nor the painful neuropathy that so many struggle with when going through chemo. It was truly amazing.

    The benefits of an ion air purifier are so subtle that unless you need it, you don't even notice it.

Another of my cancer experiences with the Air Wellness Power5 Pro.

    This one is not about me. It is about a good friend. She got stomach cancer the just before I found out about my cancer. Her's was fatal. She became so sick. I felt so bad. I didn't know what to do to help. … so I took over my wellness technology.

    By this time my friend was bed ridden. She was not eating or drinking or even walking around by this time. The only thing she could use was the ion air purifier. She was sedated most of the time. Her husband told me it was funny, but the only thing that seemed to bring her comfort was when the air purifier was on. They ran it day and night, because when they didn't, even though she was sedated, she began to moan and trash as if she couldn't get comfortable. It seemed to made her final days easier.

One reason we got our Wellness Home was for our son.

    Our son had allergies. Especially in the spring. He tried medication. He tried shots. He tried home remedies. The Air Wellness Power5 Pro worked wonders. The only thing he noticed was that he felt allergy free while at home, but as soon as he went outside, the allergies took over. By using the magnets and the nutritionals along with the ion air purifier, he is now almost completely allergy free. Only an occasional over – the - counter allergy medicine is needed during the worst times.


Burt Lynn and The California Fires of 2010

    As you've no doubt heard on the news, Southern California is being treated with yet another disaster. This time fires are consuming thousands of acres of land and a few hundred houses so far. As I sit in my office I see the burnt orange sun rising through the smoke, casting an eerie pall on the landscape... the fallout of ashes, soot & smoke once again reminds us of the fragility of life. A conservationist friend told me yesterday that all fires aren't bad, however I fail to see this fact at the moment.

    Now we've had the Air Wellness Power 5 machine running 24/7 since early October, and have been enjoying many healthy results so far... the latest: I see that NIKKEN says this machine will clean, and filter out all kinds of particulates in the air, as well as generate ozone-free negative ions for an area of 448 sq. ft. Well, our home, a two story house with volume ceilings, is about 2950 sq. ft. and yesterday evening, after running the machine in the living room (for a morning demonstration), the smell of smoke outside was very strong, yet our whole house inside was smelling smoke-free! I know that our Company is very conservative in their estimate of area cleaned, but I submit that the claims of some of the others out there appear to be a bit inflated, wouldn't you say? We really have no 'competition' in this area too!

    Also, we had our very successful Launch at our home. One of our favorite people (probably our next frontline Silver) hoped that this wouldn't offend us too much when she stood up and said that she, being sensitive due to a 'breathing condition', has noticed a significant difference in the air at our house since we've been running the Power 5 night and day (bedroom, office & living room for the Launch).


Belynda Wilson and Allergies

    I noticed that I was having MAJOR allergy issues and Lisa offered to lend me her personal air wellness machine for a long weekend. When I got home and plugged the machine in on turbo mode, I happened to be leaning over it so that a big rush of fresh air blew in my face. IMMEDIATELY, my sinuses cleared and I felt "compelled" to "hang-out" next to the machine taking deep breaths. I used the machine over the weekend and experienced a significant reduction in my allergy symptoms.

    When I returned the machine to Lisa on Monday, my symptoms reappeared. I was so impressed with the machine that I ordered one. At that time, it was back ordered, so Lisa generously agreed to lend me one of her machines until mine arrived. I have to admit that I really don't understand why this works, or what exactly negative ions are, but I decided that the results were what were important to me, not understanding what makes it work. It's kind of like electricity, I know when I flip on the switch, the lights turn on, even though I don't understand the "theory" of electricity! I would highly recommend this product to ANYONE who suffers with allergies, it really worked for me.


James Martin and His Anamials

You can't trick an animal.

    My name is James Martin. I breed and show Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Sphynx and Bengal cats. Over the past several years, I've been facing problems with the cats... upper respiratory infections, ringworm, fading kitten syndrome, etc. I've always wanted to get a negative ion generator and for one reason or another, I've never had the money or couldn't get one. One day, I was talking to a client of mine and she told me about the Nikken Air Wellness Power5 and I decided to add one to my home.

    I had the Cornish Rex mother cat in my bedroom with her two kittens that were about two weeks old. The female kitten had a spot of ringworm on her tail, but nowhere else. I decided to try the Air Wellness Power5 in that room to see if it would make a difference in the kittens. The first thing I noticed was that when their eyes started to open, there was no problem with sticky eyes. Second, the ringworm spot on the kitten's tail was gone in one day and it didn't spread on her, her brother, her mother or the new mom and kitten that were born 3 weeks later. The new mother, a Devon Rex, had chronic allergies which after only a few days in that room, is now cleared up. The new kittens have not had any health problems either.

    My own personal results have been that I am now able to sleep better and longer at night. Sinus problems have been relieved while I'm at home. The house always smells nice, which, when you raise cats and (invite) people to your home, you don't want it to smell like a cat. Since then, I've decided to add another Air Wellness Power5 unit and plan to add a couple more. James Martin


Lestina and Allergies To Cats

    We have a grandson who visited us last fall. We didn't realize he is allergic to cats. Our daughter-in-law was amazed that during the time they visited he did not have any problems. No meds were needed, and we have 2 indoor cats...along with the Air Power 5 in our Nikken Wellness Home.

    They were also impressed with the water filtration system, and now have the Air Wellness and an Aqua Pour (pi-mag water system).

    When they went back on the train he was back to using his puffer and medications


Ion Air Purifier and Emphysema

    My dad has severe emphysema, on oxygen 24/7, has limited energy, even though he does his own care. He was very ill in January with pneumonia & the physicians didn’t expect him to live. He has the air wellness system in his room & in 10 days he was up, & on the road to recovery. I was with him last week again (April 1-8); it was so exciting to see how good he looked. If he over exerts & gets short of breath, he sits beside the unit & takes a few deep breaths & gets relief. The air wellness system has definitely given him more energy & quality of life. The care takers are amazed at how well he has done.

    I loaned my air wellness system to my dentist, who has emphysema. After 1 night he saw a big difference in his sinus problem, slept better & didn’t cough as much during the night. After 3 nights commented, “I can’t believe how much better I feel”. His wife said there is a big difference in the air in the bedroom, John is sleeping better, breathing better & not coughing as much - “it has definitely helped him”. Susan Barnwell


Ion Air Purifier and Chronic Breathing Problems

    I have had a chronic breathing problem for years. When working for 27 years with special needs children, they sneeze on you or cough or drool. I USE to get a cold or cough every time and then it would turn into a really bad, deep cough. It would keep me up at night and I sounded like a dog when I coughed.

    When the mushroom "Immunity" came out, I thought I had received a dream come true. Take one in the morning and one in the afternoon/ evening every day and have not had a problem since. That is until two weeks ago. I was really tired from working too hard. I took extra Immunity that day and the next two days. I took 5-8 for a few days and never got the DEEP cough. Prevention is the key and not working SO much.......ha ha....."balance."

    Got the Power5 three weeks ago too and now with both of those Nikken products I am breathing better (when I wake up in each morning) than I have in YEARS. I only had a sore throat for one day and NO cough. I also find the headband is great to sleep with when you come home with a little sore throat. Wake up the next morning and no sore throat. Thanks to Power5, Immunity and the headband. Martha


Ion Air Purifier and Sinus Problems

    I got my air filter when my sinuses were really bothering me. I live in the northeast and we've had so much rain during the summer and the fall, it caused my basement to be damp and moldy, and my house smelled of mold. When I've had sinus heaviness before the use of our headband and a nettie pot (salt water flushing out the sinuses) did the trick. Not this year. Thank goodness the air filter arrived when it did. After running it for a few days my sinuses feel so much better. And my house smells clean. So clean, in fact, that when my handyman came in he said my house smells like a doctors office. I said, what do you mean? He answered that it smelled clean! Karen


Ion Air Purifier and Snoring

    Have you ever felt like a train was in your bedroom while trying to sleep? That is approximately the level of sound my husband's snoring produced. When we got on the sleep system (the deluxe mattress, quilt, etc.) over 4 yrs. ago, the level diminished about 70%, but I still had to wear heavy duty earplugs often.

    Then the Air Wellness machine was introduced to our bedroom. From the first night of use his snoring was almost eliminated. Several times I heard the dreaded noise start, then stopped with a couple minutes. The machine was handling the problem with another challenge - he is battling a respiratory infection which stresses his breathing more than usual. What a technology! Sandy


Ion Air Purifier and Oxygen

    I recently loaned my Air Wellness 5 to the mother of a friend who has had her lung collapse a twice in the last few months and who is now on oxygen because she is having difficulty breathing. After loaning it out for about 5 weeks her son reported that she had seen some improvement, and that she was interested in getting one for herself, but that it was probably too expensive right now. She was improving to the point where she had not needed her oxygen machine for an entire day (for the first time in about 3 months).

    Her son got it back from her last Thursday morning to return to me later that day. Thursday night he called around 9pm and said that the ion air purifier must be a miracle because ever since it left his mother's bedroom she had been coughing and using her oxygen machine because she was having a lot of trouble breathing. It turns out that it was doing a lot more for her than they ever imagined (ie - You never know what you've got until you lose it!) and she desperately wants one now. Andy


Ion Air Purifier and Asthma

    I've had my Power 5 since Christmas. Since then, I've been able to get off the steroid that I was taking for asthma (something I tried before and never was able to do), and I go for days without using my albuterol inhaler. My breathing seems to be deeper and my allergies have been minimal (which is rare). My doctor is amazed. The only thing I miss with the Power 5 is the wonderful aroma of a well cooked meal lingering for hours in the house. However, the benefits far outweigh that one. Cheree'

Ion Air Purifier and Second Hand Smoke Allergy
    The first two nights we slept with our Air Wellness Power5 on I woke up with a slight headache. This was a message to me that I was going through another layer of detoxing. It's pollen season and I have had NO sinus problems. I have a sister who smokes and has both a cat and a dog in the house. I have another sister coming from out of town for a visit concerned about staying in the smoking sister's house. I took an Air Wellness over a few days ahead of time. My sister put it in her own bedroom the first two nights and woke up not coughing as usual and also with her eyes not stuck shut as usual. Then the morning of my allergic sister's arrival she moved the Air Wellness into her guest bedroom. My allergic sister slept fine and had no allergy problems. My smoking sister went back to waking up coughing with her eyes stuck shut. She ordered 2 Air Wellness Power5's that day.

    Also, we have an Air Wellness Power5 in our home office. The computer repair man was here and within 10 minutes his headache and congestion went away. He came back the next day to sit in the office for 15 minutes. Headache went away. He ordered one. Susan Barnwell


Ion Air Purifier and Allergies to Dogs

    “I am doing much better with my (Air Wellness) system. I have one unit in the bedroom and one in the den (where the dogs are crated at night). Well, today with the rain, two of the dogs, collie and lab wanted in at 6:00pm (usually do not come in until 9 PM). So I brought them in and dried them (for some reason they did not want to stay in their doghouses) and they willingly went in their crates and have been sleeping ever since. I have been in the den for over 2 hours and not the first wheeze. Remember I am 4+ allergic to dogs! Usually I would need to leave. Debbie Mobley


Ion Air Purifier and Scraped Vocal Cords

    From: We are blessed in having an awesome music program at our church. One of our favorite singers is Chuck. Most of the winter he was unable to sing as his throat hurt so much & missed a month of work due to pneumonia. Doctor stated he had multiple allergies he was never aware of. As singing is such an important part of his life there was even serious thought about having his vocal cords scraped... throat had felt stressed for about 4 years. For months had felt a little better & then regressed. The Air Wellness machine idea was offered to him. His wife called, said he was sick again & they felt quite desperate. Also felt it only fair to tell us they were on the brink of getting a whole house air filtration system (over $1,200) but would be open to at least try the Air Wellness. The machine was on 20 minutes and he was like a totally different person & wondered what had happened.

    Well, to summarize, Chuck sang the next morning & during the next week said he felt like his life was given back to him. He also has integrated magsteps, necklace, & men's nutritional. Feels these are helping him daily.


Ion Air Purifier and Lung Problems

    One month ago, I contacted a customer who's husband has serious heart and lung problems, and is continuously having to use an oxygen machine to breath. I offered to lend them the Air Wellness Power 5 - this was Friday evening, and said I would call them on Monday. She called me Sunday night, and ordered 2 units - they had immediately noticed an improvement in the air in the house.

    Today, she phoned me and said that she has a common blood sugar problem, and now her readings are much lower (she thought it might be a coincidence). Her husband with the heart and lung problem is no longer using his oxygen machine, has much more energy, and they both are experiencing a much deeper sleep. She ordered 2 more units - one for her daughter-in-law who suffers from depression, and one for her sister. Carol


Ion Air Purifier and Black Lung

    Just wanted to pass along a story about a woman that bought the new Air Wellness Power5. She told me that her father who had worked in a foundry as a young man had developed black lung and with his allergies he was having a bad time of it, and was willing to try just about anything. So I loaned her my unit saying she should keep it for about 5 days. After 3 days I called to see if she had any questions. She said yes how much do I owe you for this machine, further stating that it was like a miracle that since I had dropped it off her father had not coughed once. Brad Whittaker


Ion Air Purifier and Anti-Aging

    thought it was SO INTERESTING the experiment he did with our Air Wellness 5. Dave had a feeling that the negative ions produced by our air filters were a powerful antioxidant. He purchased some oranges and hung some of them in a bag right over where the air comes out on the filter. He placed the other oranges in another area of the house. The ones hanging over the air filter did not have any age spots on them and lasted 2-3 times longer than the other oranges! What will that filter do for our bodies? He said every one of our products have an anti-aging affect on the body. They slow down the aging process! Clarence & Yvonne


Ion Air Purifier and Children

    We use the air wellness in the kid's rooms at night. We have the one in the girl's room next to Abigail's bed and usually set to 2 or 3 levels high. Abigail has an epilepsy syndrome and a compromised immune system. Even with that she hardly ever gets sick. We attribute much of the missed sickness to the air unit. We have found the same thing with the other 2 kids. When they do get a cough we do not use cough medicine. We simply turn up the air unit and they stop coughing for the night. The cough/cold is cut short by using the air unit.

    Additionally, lately Abigail has had some more serious seizure issues. When she hurts herself she will hold her breath so long that she cannot catch it and then goes into a seizure. I found that if I can get her to the air unit and blast it on her during the seizure that she simply doesn't have one!! This is incredible and I will be continuing this. In fact I am going to buy the smaller unit to send to school with her so they can do the same thing. Michelle Sahr

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