Ion Air Purifier

The term “ion air purifier” is a term that describes technology that creates negative ions and releases them into the air.

Much has been said about the health benefits of negative ions in the air. Negative-ions are often referred to as 'The Vitamin in the Air”. Indeed, many companies sell air systems that are solely ionic air purifiers. They range in expense from under $50.00 to as much as $700.00.

Negative ions are tasteless, odorless, and invisible. Studies suggest that an ion air purifier can boost serotonin levels and make you feel better and sleep better.

Research shows breathing negative ions at night helps clear your lungs while you sleep may help control the symptoms of allergies and second hand smoke and help you, the elderly, infants and toddlers breath easier.

The Benefits Of An Ion Air PUrifier

WebMD's author Denise Mann wrote an article titled “Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes”. She reports that once negative ions enter the bloodstream there is a biochemical reaction that increases levels of serotonin.

Serotonin is used in the medical community to treat depression and increase energy. Serotonin is known as the mood enhancer hormone.

Pierce J. Howard, PhD, director of research at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, N.C. says there is a good connection between our mental energy and negative ions in the air we breath. He says the reason negative ions do this is because they increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain.

    "They also may protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation."

The Problem With An Ion Air Purifier

We DO need to be worried about the air we breath.
The EPA and the American Lung Association both warn us of the dangers of outdoor air pollution. Outdoor air comes INDOORS every time we open the door to our houses. Our indoor air can be even more polluted than the outdoor air because of the chemicals we add when we clean. The atmosphere in your house may be much worse than you realize.

The average American is indoors 60 to 90% of the time. Unfortunately, you can’t see the contaminants that may present the greatest danger. Most of them aren’t visible or readily detectable. Daily exposure to indoor contaminants can be from two to five times higher — sometimes as much as 100 times higher — than exposure to what’s outside.

The problem with ion air purifiers is that most of them don't have fans to move the air. This is because ion purifiers are often sold to help people feel peaceful and calm and offset the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), fans are left out because of the irritating noise.

Ion air purifiers are often used to help people sleep because of their beneficial effects on serotonin production. Fans are often too noisy and hamper restful sleep, but without a fan, negative ions are not moved around in the air enough to make a difference.

The problem is that almost ALL ion air purifiers emit ozone as a by product. Ozone is not good for your lungs. In fact, the EPA reports:

    #4 is Poor Air Quality
    on the EPA list of the leading 13 causes of cancer.

    #5 is Poor Air Quality
    on the American Lung Association list of public health risks.

In Summary:

The problem with an ion air purifier is that

  • Most of them create ozone, which is harmful to the lungs and complicate breathing problems
  • Most ionic air purifiers don't have fans, so they don't have a very far reach. .. but they are quiet
  • They don't clean the air... they just add negative ions


If you are going to buy an ion air purifier, make sure it has some way to purify the air. Make sure it is coupled with a multi-stage clean air filter, preferably with a HEPA filter It is VERY important to mix ion air purifier technology with other types of air filters to clean the air and add negative-ions.

The old HEPA filter WAS the standard for hospital operating rooms, microassembly clean rooms and nuclear laboratories. Now it is ULPA filters.

ULPA is new cutting-edge break through in air filtration technology — significantly more effective than a HEPA filter.

HEPA filtration is rated at 99.97% efficiency on particle sizes as small as 0.3 microns.

An ULPA filter provides 99.999% removal of particles as small as 0.12 microns.

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The unites have now been upgraded with the ULPA filter.

Ion Air Purifier In The Doctor's Office

    This Flu stain is dangerous and the 2003 Flu vaccine does not provide full immunity for this current virus. These suggestions are quite amazing. Dr. Rick is seeing a HUGE number of patients everyday who are VERY SICK and CONTAGIOUS and guess what? He is not getting sick following this regime quite closely.

    WE HAVE SEEN AMAZING RESULTS, IN THE MEDICAL OFFICE, WITH THE AIR POWER WELLNESS 5! Dr. Rick originally put an air filter in his patient rooms to dissipate perfumes, after shave smells etc. for the next patient. He began an experiment when he noticed something unusual happening. He would move the filter to a room where a person who just left, had a very virulent case of this flu virus. He would put the AIR WELLNESS FILTER on automatic and by itself, it would go to "TURBO" mode for 10-15 minutes, then go automatically return to a lower speed.

    When a patient with perhaps, a non contagious challenge, i.e.. high blood pressure would be in the room , the NIKKEN AIR FILTER would remain, still on automatic, at a low speed but again and again the FILTER would, by itself, kick up to the high speed whenever a person with an airborne problem would enter a patient exam room. Dr. Rick noted this occurrence over and over again and even challenged the possible variances by moving the AIR FILTER to different patient rooms, noting that the exact same process happened. Drs. Polly & Rick Wolf

My Own Experience With the AirWellness Power5 Pro

I had breast cancer in 2004....I didn't know how lucky I was to have a ion air purifier until I was without it.

It was after a chemotherapy session that I went with my husband to a business convention where I though I could rest just as effectively as I could at home, that I found out how important the Power5 Pro was to my comfort.

I had taken all my other products along with me, thinking I would be just as comfortable in the motel room as at home in my bedroom. But, I was wrong.

Read More About My Experience

Burt Lynn of Southern California remembers the fires of 2010:

    As you've no doubt heard on the news, Southern California is being treated with yet another disaster. This time fires are consuming thousands of acres of land and a few hundred houses so far. As I sit in my office I see the burnt orange sun rising through the smoke, casting an eerie pall on the landscape... the fallout of ashes, soot & smoke once again reminds us of the fragility of life. A conservationist friend told me yesterday that all fires aren't bad, however I fail to see this fact at the moment.



    I was performing the strength test with the ion air purifier, and a 18 yr. old, not knowing what the system was or could do, made a funny statement. He said, "I can breath." Thinking he was joking with me I said I was glad otherwise he would be dead. He said, "No, you don't understand. I have asthma and I can't breathe like I can now". WOW! (I would also suggest PiMag water. Good hydration is essential.) Nancy

Allergies and The AirWellness Power5 Pro Ion Air Purifier

    I noticed that I was having MAJOR allergy issues and Lisa offered to lend me her personal air wellness machine for a long weekend. When I got home and plugged the machine in on turbo mode, I happened to be leaning over it so that a big rush of fresh air blew in my face. IMMEDIATELY, my sinuses cleared and I felt "compelled" to "hang-out" next to the machine taking deep breaths. I used the machine over the weekend and experienced a significant reduction in my allergy symptoms.


Combine The Power Of The AirWellness Power5 Pro Ion Air Purifier With The Power Of Magnets.

Breathing Challenges & COPD

    My Mom had severe breathing challenges & COPD and was on a nebulizer, prednisone, inhalers along with several other medications. Before using the Nikken products, she was in the hospital every other month with severe breathing difficulties which often resulted in pneumonia and a long stay in the hospital. Since she has been on the sleep system, magsteps, magnetic necklace, and maxi on her chest, she has reduced her medication to almost nothing and has had only one incident of hospitalization in about 4 years. Her energy has improved and she feels remarkably better. Linda M. Chaney

Drink The Best Filtered Water Available
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Negative ion generation rejuvenates stagnate, dry, indoor air.

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