Ionic Air Purification System

A Home Room Ionic Air Purification System Is Worth A Pound of Cure.

Now you can enjoy practically the  Most Delicious, Freshest, Healthiest Air Possible for pennies a day...

Nikken's KendoAir Purifier is the World’s Most Powerful and Cost Effective Personal Air Purification System On The Market.

Moreover, the KenkoAir system is are capable of purifying indoor air of air pollutions created from inversion, smog, industrial smoke, indoor fireplaces, 2nd hand smoke, dust, mold, pollens and allergens and more.

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For generations, health-conscious people around the world have recognized that the foundation to a healthy life and healthy body is clean, fresh drinking water, but have overlooked the importance of clean, energized ionized air. This important essential molecule is the basis for enjoying your longest, healthiest life.

No supplements or vitamins can substitute for the vital life-sustaining properties found in nourishing, healthy-good-for-you oxygenated filled air and water.  It is truly the foundation of wellness for life.

The Nikkne KenkoAir ionic purification system is the ultimate in air purification and the ideal personal protection, while the ionic Air Wellness Traveler is used worldwide and is the perfect unit for traveling. You can use it in motel rooms, offices, small bedrooms, as well as the car.

Indoor Air --- FACTS

Unfortunately, you can’t see the contaminants that may present in your home. Some of the most dangerous don't have a smell and they can not be seen. Air Conditioning sucks the healthy negative ions from the air and turns them into positively charged ions that hampers the absorption of oxygen. Oxygen is essential in combating and preventing cancers. With poor indoor air quality, everyone in the family is at risk.

The EPA reports, This is significant because the atmosphere in your house may be much worse than you realize. The EPA warns that airborne contaminants in a home can be from 2 to 5 times higher, and is some cases, as much as 100 times higher — than outdoor pollutants.

  • Children, the elderly and the chronically sick spend the most time indoors and are particularly at risk because of prolonged exposure to unhealthy air.

Do you see why it is so important to have an ionic air purification system in your home?

200 years ago the oxygen content in the air was about 38%.

Today, it is about 19%, and in some urban locations where pollution is the highest, oxygen in the air can be lower than 10%.

Negative ions improve the oxygen levels in the air. The higher the negative ion count, the better the oxygen levels.

Interestingly, only 15% is inhaled and absorbed through our lungs. A WHOPPING 85% is absorbed from our skin. Remember the skin is the biggest ORGAN of the body.

Benefits of Owning a Portable Home
Ionic Air Purification System

Negative ions improve the oxygen levels in the air. The higher the negative ion count, the better the oxygen levels.

Interestingly, only 15% is inhaled and absorbed through our lungs. A WHOPPING 85% is absorbed from our skin. Remember the skin is the biggest ORGAN of the body.

Lack of oxygen contributes to a host of medical and physical conditions like aching muscles, headaches, feelings of irritation and depression, low energy, foggy thinking, as well as infections and disease.

The easiest and best way to combat this is with an ionic air purification system because they add negative ions back into the air. A negative ion is an oxygen atom with an extra electron

Numerous studies have established the effect of negatively charged ion on the human body. The negative charged environment has stimulated the body's own healing mechanism in the case of stress and specific physical problems.

An Ionic Air Purification System cleans the air and adds good-for-you negative-ions which 

  • Increase blood flow which results in increasing oxygen-carrying capacity, both of which are basic to help the body heal itself.
  • Changes in migration of calcium ions which can either bring calcium ions to heal a broken bone in half the usual time, or can help move calcium away from painful, arthritic joints.
  • The pH balance (acid/alkaline) of various body fluids. (Often out of balance in conjunction with illness or abnormal conditions)

Hormone production from the endocrine glands can be either increased or decreased by Negative Ion stimulation. 

 More On The Benefits of Negative Ions... 

What Makes The KenkoAir Ionic Air Purification System The Best On The Market? 

Features and Benefits

Ionic Air Purification Review

Why Ozone Bad For Your Health

When Clean Indoor Air Is Important To You

The people who are most at risk to indoor air pollutants for the longest periods of time are often those most susceptible to the effects of indoor air pollution. ...the chronically ill, especially those suffering from respiratory or cardiovascular disease.

So powerful, this ionic air purification system is able to remove 9995% of harmful substances and still supply the beneficial elements of air your body needs

 Providing reliable and user-friendly ionic air purification for any Home, Office, Classroom and Driving Situations.

KenkoAir Ionic Air Purification

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Personal Experiences 

**Even though some of these testimonials are referring to earlier generations of Nikken Air Systems, please be aware that the newest generation of Nikken's Air Wellness System, the KenkoAir Purifer, is more powerful and with the most advanced filtration system using the cutting edge ULPA technology, making even better air than before!

Last week I had a severe sore throat. At my Husband's suggestion, I put the Air Wellness Power 5 in the bedroom and ran it on one notch below turbo. When I awoke in the morning my sore throat was completely gone! What an awesome product.


Just wanted to pass along a story about a woman that bought the new Air Wellness Power5. She told me that her father who had worked in a foundry as a young man had developed black lung and with his allergies he was having a bad time of it, and was willing to try just about anything. So I loaned her my unit saying she should keep it for about 5 days. After 3 days I called to see if she had any questions. She said yes how much do I owe you for this machine, further stating that it was like a miracle that since I had dropped it off her father had not coughed once.

---Brad Whittaker

Ionic Air Purification Is Only As Good As The Filters.

 If you want to maintain high quality, healthy, ion rich air in your home you need to remember to change the filters regularly. 

To help you remember when it is time to change filters, 

 Auto-ship Replacement Filter Program 

A friend of mine's sister was coming to visit her. Her sister is severely allergic to cats. Usually when she visits her nose starts running, her eyes itch and she sneezes all the time. I loaned my friend the Air Wellness filter and her sister had no problems at all! It was like she had no cat allergy. Amazing!