Ionic Air Purifier Review

Ionic Air Purifier Review

Why Would You Want an Ionic Air Purifier? Especially one that costs over $600.00?

Well, don't.

In 2002 and 2003, Consumer Reports did an ionic air purifier review on several different ionic air purifiers and found there was “almost no measurable reduction in airborne particles”.

Sharper Image was one of the companies with a purifier tested. They sued Consumer Reports. In 2004 the law suit was thrown out because further tests showed their air unit to be ineffective. Sharper Image was ordered to pay more than half a million dollars to cover the legal fees of Consumer Reports. (source)

 Sharper Image Sues Consumer Reports Over This       AND LOST!

Ozone Air Purifiers Danger

Do Ionic Air Purifiers Clean The Air?

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If Ionic-Air Purifiers Don't Work
WHY  Keep Selling Them?

Because Ionic Air purifiers create negative ions that enhances serotonin levels. They make you feel happier. Sitting next to one makes you feel good … People with depression often notice a difference.

Studies show that about 1/3 of the population respond positively to negative ions, the rest have serotonin levels that are only mildly effected if at all.

The Director of the Anthropological Research Center in Utah, John Heinerman, PhD reports that negative ions neutralize pollutants and provide positive stimuli to the immune system as well as speeds up oxidation of serotonin in the bloodstream and accelerates oxygen absorption.

Dr Heinerman is the author of 55 books on health and healing and is considered  one of America's premier authorities on Folk Medicine and Food Therapy.

 Ionic Air Purifier Review

**If you are looking to purify your air... don't buy one.

**If you are looking for a mood enhancer... buy one.

You Can Have Your Cake
And Eat It Too

There really are some good air purifiers that ionize your air without emitting ozone out there. I have one in my own home that we use every day... especially at night while we sleep,  to minimize the risk of catching every cold and flu that goes around.  

There is one that:

  • Helps me sleep at night
  • Carries the British Allergy Foundation's Seal of Approval
  • Is Proven to clean the air to Operating Room and laboratory standards
  • Patented ozone-free operation
  • With healthy good-for-you negative ions

You can buy the very same Ionic Air Purifier I have in my home on Amazon for $578.00  

Ionic Air Purifier - Patented Ozone Free - By Amazon

Yes, ... you can buy ionic air purifiers for as little as $49.00, but they really don't work.  AND you can buy ionic air purifiers for over $600.00, but they are not efficient as an air purifier.

But they really don't clean your air.  Because unless they have a fan to move the air in and out, they don't have much power to effectively move then negative ions into the air you breath.

The Conclusion I Came To After Researching For This Ionic Air Purifier Review is that. in my opinion, that Ionic Air Purifiers may have benefits for one in three people. BUT they have little benefit as far as stand alone technology.

IF you were to purchase an ionic air purifier, you would be better off to purchase an air purifying unit that combines

  1. Negative ion technology with professional-grade, multiple-stage air filtration,(technology currently used in laboratories) 
  2. Negative-ion generation with a patented ozone-free operation 
  3. With a Whisper Quiet motor 
  4. Air quality monitor

And, it is important to me to make sure the unit is 

  • Energy Efficient and Certified Green Clean

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Don't be affected by dirty air. Look for an clean air purifier that is professional grade. 

Look for Patented Ozone-Free with ULPA filtration. Setting a new standard in Medical Operating Room Clean Technology. 

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Ionic air purifiers create ozone, a poisonous gas. Without fans, indoor air does not move through them, giving the ionic generator contact with enough air to make a difference in the air we breath.

Ionic Air Purifier Review       Top Pick In Clean Air Purifiers  Negative Ion, Ozone-free, multi-filter ULPA technology with a highly efficient, low noise fan.

It is a Simply Superior Product

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