Common Sense Suggestions For The Liver

I have been asked what you can do to aid the healing of the liver and relieve liver discomfort while taking treatment. But whatever you do, you can be assured that these suggestions are just common sense.

I’ll start with the short of it:  

For optimum results when taking treatment for a bad liver, whether you have liver pain or not, 

  • Drink good water and stay away from pop, alcohol, and caffeine.

  • Take Liver Support on an empty stomach ½ hr before eating

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

  • Eat small portions of meats

  • Limit the fats and be careful of the type of fats you eat

  • Mild foods are always a good idea when healing the liver and helps with liver pain

  • Whole grains are best

  • Diary products as they can also be hard on a stressed liver

  • Limit the fast foods you eat. Metabolizing fast foods is very hard on the liver and may contribute to liver pain.

Now for the LONG of it :

For optimum results when doing any liver treatment and to relieve liver discomfort, drink good water and stay away from pop, alcohol, and caffeine.

    For every cup of pop, alcohol, or caffeine beverage, drink an equal amount of good water (this is just to counteract the harmful effects) and continue to drink the proper amount of water for your weight.  A good rule of thumb is ½ your body weight in oz. i.e. if you weight 150lb, you should drink 75 oz of water every day. This will help flush the liver and often relieves the discomfort. This is water; other drinks don’t count toward your water intake.  

    If you are not use to drinking that much water, try increasing the amount of water you do drink by 4 to 9 oz every other day or so.  Listen to your body, your liver and the pain.  One slight problem you might encounter is the increase of times you have to go to the bathroom throughout the day.  Sorry.  This does normalize after a week or two.  Your body is flushing out toxins from the liver that it has not had power to flush out before because the water you did have needed to be used to keep the brain and other organs working.  I am a real believer in water.  —But it needs to be good water.  Tap water has way too many pollutants in do your body any good when it comes to cleansing.  If you use polluted water to wash out toxins, you are only replacing pollutants!


Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and only healthy amounts of meat.  Of course fish is always a good meat choice. A good rule of thumb for a proper serving of meat is about the size and thickness of the palm of your hand. Meat tends to get stuck in a dysfunctional liver and can cause liver pain.  

Limit the fats and be careful of the type of fats they are. Fatty Livers don’t necessarily have liver pain associated with it, but you don’t want to contribute to it either. Olive Oil is a good source of fat and is actually good for your overall health.  Substitute it in cooking.  

Whole grains are best.  Stay away from enriched white flour and sugar as much as possible. No one knows what causes pain of the liver, but refined flours and sugars are never very good for you.  

Also, diary products can be hard on a stressed liver. They cause mucus which can contribute to  inflammation and swelling. Thus, it seems to reason it could contribute to liver pain. 

  I’m not a fanatic of eating this way all the time.  Your body is an amazing thing and has been designed to with stand a lot of abuse, but when healing, I think this is always a good to go a little easy on the hard stuff.

Remember, only your doctor can treat your liver. Follow his guidelines and use common sense with the way you eat.

And Drink Good Filtered Water.

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