Jimmy's Story

Submitted By Denise Houpt  The following testimonial is one worth sharing with everyone, please pass it on. 

Jimmy is a distant neighbor and friend that we’ve known for a number of years. Jimmy was challenged with a liver illness about three years ago. While he was never specifically diagnosed at that time, Jimmy had a number of frustrating months trying to get back to what he would call normal. Being able to work, spend time with the kids, mow the grass are things most of us take for granted, but things Jimmy could no longer do.

Jimmy’s life had become a chore; he slept often 18 hours or more every day. It was an effort to get out of bed to go to the couch, just to sleep another few hours. He was unable to drive and lost about 90 pounds. Life was not normal for Jimmy or his family. Jimmy and his wife, Karen have three children with the youngest just a toddler.

After more than eight months, Jimmy finally was able to go back to work with only about four hours a day of productivity. The rest of the day, Jimmy was exhausted.

Recently, Jimmy faced the same liver challenge that tormented him just a few years earlier. Once again, a number of tests were run and no clear answers given, but the possibility of auto-immune disease was discussed. When Jimmy called me and asked for help, I jumped at the opportunity to inform him and share Nikken. We were not prepared for what we saw the following day when Darryl and I walked into the family’s home.

Jimmy was drawn and yellow, even the whites of his eyes were yellow. It was a scary site. Jimmy was failing fast and it was happening faster than the episode three years earlier. He asked what product or products may help. I first told him I could make no medical claims or diagnosis. Jimmy and his family were ready for an alternative. 

Jimmy discussed the natural non-evasive products and his doctor and was encouraged by him to pursue the Nikken products. 

Jimmy started the Nikken products on Sunday afternoon with his first full day on the products Monday the 7th of February. The nutritional products Jimmy began were Jade Greenzymes 3x per day, Liver Support and Kenzen Multi-vitamins. We also provided optimized piwater,sleep system, the body energizer, chair seat, insoles and necklace. Jimmy’s doctor encouraged him to continue using the Nikken products because of the reduction in the enzyme numbers in such a short period of time. 

Based on what Jimmy has told us, normal enzyme levels should be around 40. On February 10th one of the enzyme numbers was 2,221 and dropped to 726 in just one week. The second enzyme number was 995 on the 10th of February and dropped to 107 on the 17th of February. 

WOW! Jimmy’s skin is now flesh colored again and even the white in his eyes is white again.  

Words cannot express how excited we are to have shared this information with someone who not only listened, but put the products to work for them, encouraging the body back into the right balance so it could do what it was designed to do – heal itself.

Jimmy will continue twice a week with blood work and undoubtedly keep me informed about the enzyme numbers and his progress.I see Jimmy twice a day as we are supplying him with optimized water until his Nikken Pi-Mag water system arrives. His attitude is fabulous! He is excited, his family is thrilled and Jimmy is sharing Nikken everywhere he goes.

**This story is that of the the submitter, and does not recommend treatment or claim any healing or health benefits for the general public. If you have what you feel is liver pain, please consult your doctor immediately. Nikken Inc. does not endorse this testimonial.