My Father's Story. By Steve Lauzon 

This past week, something remarkable has occurred for my family. We could almost call it a miracle and I have to share this story with you.

Last June, my father Rejean was in a car accident and has been in the hospital for the last 40 days. In the accident, my father suffered among other things, a femur injury, kidneys were bruised and his liver was hit.

A couple of week ago, several bacteria formed in the liver and because of it, a steady fever appeared. The doctors tried 2 times to remove the bacteria via suctions. They gave him some drugs and some antidotes which gave him side effects and left him in a depressed state. NOTHING KILLED THE BACTERIAS… NOTHING! The plug into my father’s liver, 2 drains remove at least a small portion of the bacteria. This lasted for 2 weeks. 

The bacteria had to be removed quickly because they were afraid that they would spread all into his body. After the suctions failed, the drugs and antidotes failed, the last option was surgery: Open his liver and remove the bacteria. The doctors informed my mother that chances were fair but the worse could also happen. What? The worse could happen?

The surgery could not be held in our region because no doctor had the qualification operate my father. He had to be transported to Montreal. So, when my mother called and informed me about the situation, of course, I was shock. 

The very next morning, I went to see my father and brought with me 2 super minis and the kenko seat. I told my father in a convincing tone to sit on the seat and to tape the 2 minis to his liver. I told him not to remove them under any circumstances. He had nothing to lose. He accepted.

12 hours later after taping the super minis to his liver, the fever went down and the liver started to drain itself. The day after, the fever was gone and the liver continued to drain itself. 36 hours later… everything was gone! The doctors couldn’t believe it was gone.

After my father showed them the minis, they told him “It’s probably just coincidence… but don’t remove them!”

They canceled the surgery. We knew deep down inside that the NIKKEN technologies could help my father. We just knew. But until you go threw an episode like we went threw… what can we say… WOW! Today, my father regained his enthusiasm, is feeling better and just can wait to get back home, which he will early next week.   

I wanted to share this testimony because this week has just confirmed why I sold my computer software business and joined NIKKEN full time. If I ever needed an answer, I just found one.

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