My Story

by Bren & Arther Reynolds

For Hepatitis C its important to use the sleep system which is the most beneficial product & wearing the magsteps in the day time. I tried wearing the back flex over the liver area, but found it made me feel worse (probably from flushing toxins). What helped more was wearing the Far-Infrared back belt with the FIR over the liver area. Also, a necklace.

NUTRITIONALS: Definitely use the Liver Support. I also recommend AntiOxidant, the Multi-Vitamin/Mineral, Digestion & GellyBees (for energy - fatigue is a symptom of Hep C). I have found these are essential for this condition. I later added the GreenZymes & Emerald Harvest.

Note: I was taking numerous herbs from the health food store (very expensive and minimal results). When I got on the Nikken Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritionals, I found I felt 100% better, and was actually saving money.  So in summary, use the Sleep System (for restoration and relaxation) - the magsteps and necklace for energy - and the nutritionals for repair.

I was diagnosed in late '95 / early '96. I am FANTASTIC now! I spent four months in bed and could not work for one year after. I was put on the grueling regimen of medications & prescriptions & treatments (I was a Non-responder). The doctors told me they could not do anything else for me. I became severely depressed.

I was only 42 and had NO QUALITY OF LIFE! NONE! I slept all the time, I ached all over, I had memory loss, mental confusion, I had gained 35 pounds, I was taking many prescriptions per day (I did have adverse reactions - not once, but twice!). 

The sleep system turned my condition around in about 30 days. Then I got on the nutritionals and felt even better. At that time, it was the old line of nutritionals.

When the Pharmaceutical Bio-Directed formulas came out, I immediately went on AutoShip, and my body has thanked me ever since. 

How does my body know? If I get busy and forget to change my AutoShip and run out of a product, wouldn't you know that I experience difficulty until I am back on it? It's amazing. I have energy, I have hope, and I have a future! I love Nikken. No one will ever be able to sway my belief in this company, or the products. I KNOW what they can do.

**This story is that of the the submitter, and does not recommend treatment or claim any healing or health benefits for the general public. If you have what you feel is liver pain, please consult your doctor immediately. Nikken Inc. does not endorse this testimonial.