Natural Health

A Huge Movement Is Underway. The Natural Health Movement.

And Nikken Is Leading The Way

Dedicated to promoting and improving Wellness throughout the world with natural health principles ---principles like *drinking more water, *reducing pollution in the air we breath, *using natural magnetic energy to combat fatigue, *improving sleep, *nourishing relationships, and *laughingwe promote Wellness.


This site is dedicated to the education of new and old wisdom for natural healing.

Here is a place where you don't need to join Nikken's MLM.

I offer near wholesale prices to anyone who wants to buy revolutionary healthcare products without joining a MLM company.

The only thing I require is that you learn for yourself the wonder and truth in these health changing technologies. Most are so new that you are only now hearing about them.

Natural Healing

For way to long we have invested our time and resources in learning and developing Sick Care as the primary way to take care of our health. ...and all that has done is develop us into being sick.

When we are sick or broken, we have a very good institutions to take care of us--doctors, hospitals, specialists and clinics.

… But what about when we are Well? Who takes care of us when we are healthy? How do we promote more Wellness in our lives? Wasn't it in our designed be naturally well?

You know the body is a wonderful thing. It heals. It cleans. It purifies. It grows itself.

*Did you know the body replaces itself every … 7 to 10 years?

Yes. The cells of the body replace themselves every seven to ten years depending on the type of cells that they are.

So theoretically, we have the ability to change our health every 7 to 10 years. Replacing sick cells with healthy ones is possible, but it doesn't happen over night. It does take time.

Hi. My Name Is Cindy

Hi. My name is Cindy Judd, and I am an Independent Wellness Consultant. I know how to help you be Naturally Healthy.

No, I am not a Healer. I am not an Alternative Doctor. I have no phD at all. I am a Wellness Consultant. I know about Wellness Principles.

  • I know what kind of water is best for you.
  • I know that ionizing your air is important... and Why
  • I know the importance of sleep and how to improve it.
  • I know about natural supplements, natural healing, natural medicine and natural therapies. Some I deal with, some I don't. But I know there are lots of products under lots of names that can help you to be naturally healthy.

What Is A Wellness Consultant?

A Wellness Consultant is someone who consults.

I don''t try to heal you. I don't try to diagnose you. I simply listen and offer suggestions and opportunities that will put you in the healthiest environment that you can be in.

I deal in Wellness.

I have dealt with my own health issues in the past. I am a diagnosed nuclear downwinder. I have had downwinder's breast cancer. And I have been gluten intolerant, and a whole list of other things.

But I am healthy today.

My husband and are are in our 60s. We bike 20 miles a day, sometimes further. We walk up and down stairs, we laugh and play with our grandchildren. And we watch our friends die from cancer. Become crippled with pain. Feel old and left out of life.

It breaks our hearts.


The Natural Health Movement

Don't you be one of those who grow old and grow sick. Invest in your health now. Join the Movement. ...the Natural Health Movement. 

Contact me now or have a look around my website. Explore revolutionary technologies that inspired revolutionary health products and see how easy it is to change over to health habits that pay high dividends.