Epileptic Or Non Epileptic Seizures

Non epileptic seizures are serious business. Most people don’t understand that not all seizure disorders are epileptic.

*Epileptic seizures are reoccurring seizures. *Non epileptic seizures are infrequent. *All seizure disorders are scary.

People with non epileptic seizures have no other neurological problems, while people with epileptic seizures do. Epileptic seizures are an indication of brain problems. Non epileptic seizures are not.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke reports “About half of all seizures have no known cause.”

The following information is summarized from the NIND website, part of the National Institute of Health. Here you will find comprehensive and informative information about all seizures disorders. I recommend if you have concerns, you research this site first. Non epileptic seizures comprise seizures of the brain that are triggered by something other than abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

    First seizures: Seizures that happen only once in a lifetime. They may be triggered by anesthesia or reaction to a drug, but many times the cause is never known.

    Febrile seizures: Non epileptic seizures caused from a high fever, most often in children. Research has now identified a gene that may determine a child’s susceptibility for febrile seizures.

    Nonepileptic events: Also known as pseudoseizures, this type of non epileptic seizures do not affect the brain. Often called psychogenic seizures, they seem to be triggered stress, the need for attention, or psychiatric conditions.

    Eclampsia: Exclusive to pregnant women, it is a life-threatening condition. Symptoms include a sudden elevation of blood pressure in conjunction with a seizure. If this happens, you need to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Medical Conditions Can Cause Non Epiletic Seizures

Medical conditions often cause seizures. They are identified as epileptic or non epileptic depending on whether a person stops having the seizure. If you have had no seizures within a 4 year period, it will be considered that the seizures were non epileptic.

Here is a list of conditions that may or may not develop into epilepsy (reoccuring seizures):

    • Infection
    • Trauma
    • Viral encephalitis, (inflammation of the brain)
    • Fluid on the brain
    • Celiac disease ( intolerance to gluten)
    • Brain parasites
    • Brain tumors

When It is Epilepsy

Epilepsy usually becomes appairant between age 4 and 20, but it can begin at any age.

About 32% of epilepsy developed latter in life is due to cerebrovascular disease, a condition that reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain.

Here is a list of medical conditions that may cause epilepsy latter in life:

    • Brain tumors
    • Alcoholism
    • Alzheimer
    • Stroke
    • Heart Attacks
    • Infectious diseases
    • Meningitis
    • AIDS
Nothing but time will tell whether or not seizures will persist or if they will stop. Many times seizures will stop once the disorder is under control. However, depending on the region of the brain that was affected and how much damage it did to the brain, seizures may continue.

If you begin to experience any kind of seizures, be sure to go to the doctor. A neurologist would be best. Often your family doctor will need to refer you, but it is important you talk to someone qualified to diagnose the reason for the seizure.

It makes no difference if they are non epileptic seizures, all seizure activity is serious. Often a non epileptic seizure is instrumental in helping diagnose a medical condition.

Non epileptic seizures, like epileptic seizures, are frightening. It takes time and education and experience to deal with them. We wish you well.

Personal Stories About Non Epileptic Seizures And Epileptic Seizure Personal stories of families struggeling with seizure disorders. These stories are not meant to suggest treatment of any kind. Learn what others have done to help themselves.

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