Probiotic Foods Are For The Liver

Do you know what a probiotic food is?

Probiotic foods are foods that you eat that contains live bacteria that breaks down sugar and carbohydrates to make them more digestible and more nutritious for us.

    Acidophilus in yogurt was the first probiotic food hailed to help people who had difficulty digesting milk. This specific bacteria is Lactobacillus acidophilus.

    Kefer, (pronounced key-fur) is another powerful yogurt type probiotic. It is made from cow, goat or sheep milk, as well as from plant 'milks' such as soy, rice or even coconut. Kefir is often compared in taste and texture to a drinkable yogurt.

But, there are many probiotic foods. A short list of probiotic food choices includes some soft cheeses, artichokes, sauerkraut, sarsaparilla and many pickles.

    Barley Grass (known as 'greens' or 'green drink') is probably the best.

Many people add probiotic bacteria to their food or take it in capsule form. This has not produced especially good results, however, as it is hard for the bacteria to survive the acid in the stomach.

Lactobacillus GG, is one of the newest probiotics, and has shown that it can survive processing by the gut and be especially beneficial to the colon.

  • Some studies do show that eating yogurt during antibiotic treatment help prevent diarrhea.
  • Others show them to be beneficial in reducing risk of yeast infections in women.

This is all good.

Probiotics also have benefits for the liver. Anything that helps with food metabolism is good for the liver because the liver is the organ that starts the process. Our poor livers are overworked and overlooked in health issues. By eating food that help with the breakdown of sugar and carbohydrates, we help take stress off the liver.

Adding an artichoke and sarsaparilla whole food supplement has shown beneficial for the health of the liver. Artichoke and Sarsaparilla have been used to normalize liver and gall bladder function in clinical settings for over 20 years.

Other Suggestions For Liver Health

If you have liver pain, you possibly will need something more than probiotic foods. Consult your doctor, follow the treatment he prescribes. Do what you can.

Try these suggestions:

  • Regular, low stress exercise such as walking, yoga or rebounding
  • Not overeating
  • Resting more and napping

  • Prevention is the best medicine. Do what you can. Eat probiotic foods to keep the liver from being overloaded.If the liver is overloaded, toxins build up and eventually the kidneys are left to deal with the problem.

    With both organs struggling to operate, the liver becomes enlarged.

    Probiotic Foods For Health
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    Artichoke and Sasasaparilla For Probiotic Liver Health
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