Portable Room Air Purifier

Multiple filtration and ULPA   By Nikken, A Total Wellness Company

The KenkoAir  Portable Room Air Purifier features an ultra low penetration air filter. ULPA technology is a break through in air filtration — significantly more effective than a HEPA filter, the long time standard for hospital operating rooms, microassembly clean rooms and nuclear laboratories.

The KenkoAir Purifier exceeds the old HEPA standard with measured efficiency up to 99.9995%. No other home air filtration system exceeds this level of performance.

Portable Room Air Purifier with ULAP filtration
Negative-ions and Ozone-free

Features and Benefits                Dangers Of Ozone 

Video of the new features and comparison of the KenkoAir and PowerPro5 Air Wellness

The ULPA component is the end stage in air filtration process that incorporates a prefilter, carbon deodorizing filter, mold/dust-reducingfilter and a highly efficient fan, to deliver indoor air that is certified by independent testing laboratories to reduce:

• solid particulate matter, including dust    • pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other allergens       • smoke and dust mites

"My daughter bought an apartment building and planned to move into the second floor. Before the tenants moved out they let their dogs urinate all through the carpet in one room and by the time the purchase went through and she got into the building, the smell was nearly unbearable! I came to visit only a few days later and immediately couldn't smell that horrid odor that I remembered and asked what she did. Her reply ... I just ran my Nikken Air Wellness! Today her "new" apartment smells like home sweet home!"


"We use the air wellness in the kid's rooms at night. We have the one in the girl's room next to Abigail's bed and usually set to 2 or 3 levels high. Abigail has an epilepsy syndrome and a compromised immune system. Even with that she hardly ever gets sick. We attribute much of the missed sickness to the air unit. We have found the same thing with the other 2 kids. When they do get a cough we do not use cough medicine. We simply turn up the air unit and they stop coughing for the night. The cough/cold is cut short by using the air unit.

"Additionally, lately Abigail has had some more serious seizure issues. When she hurts herself she will hold her breath so long that she cannot catch it and then goes into a seizure. I found that if I can get her to the air unit and blast it on her during the seizure that she simply doesn't have one!! This is incredible and I will be continuing this. In fact I am going to buy the smaller unit to send to school with her so they can do the same thing."

----Michelle Sahr

Unbeatable in Indoor Air Purity Treatment

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EPA Recommendations for Indoor Quality

The Nikken KenkoAir Purifier is the only air system that combines

  • Professional-grade, multiple-stage air filtration — with technology as advanced as currently used in laboratories
  • Negative-ion generation — that produces relaxing, refreshing“forest air”
  • Patented ozone-free operation — unlike other air filters that create this toxic byproduct
  • Air quality monitor and automatic mode to keep air clean
  • Unique “green” technology that is kind to the environment


No indoor room air purifier is any good if the filters become clogged. The most often made mistake air purifier owners make is: to not replace filters as they become dirty. You can't clean the air with dirty filters.

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14 min YouTube vedio

Gives details of what the KenkoAir Purifier will do.

Type II Medical Device (pending)


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 Dr. Ron Dillman

"I have suffered from seasonal airborne allergies all my life. The high allergy season is upon us and when I am in the pollen-filled outside air I feel tired and irritable. I sneeze over and over, am clogged up in the nasal and
sinus areas, and my eyes turn red. When I come into the room with the Air Wellness Power5 I feel great in a matter of minutes, and the symptoms disappear rapidly." - Dr. Ron Dillman, Redding, California

Replacement Filters

To help you remember when it is time to change filters, 

 Auto-ship Replacement Filter Program 


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Laser Particulate Counter

Bob Carter shared his story the Air Wellness and testing the air in homes with a Laser Particulate Counter that measures how many particulates are in a cubic foot of air. One home he tested had 765,000!! After running the Air Wellness Power 5 unit for a short period of time, the air near it tested less than 1,000. “Which air would you rather have your family breathe?” he asked.

----Dennis & Ruth Williams

Salon Owner

Salon owner says she Air Wellness machine and it is run in the shop everyday. She suffered from asthma but she feels much better now. The other employees in her salon appreciate feeling much better too. The salon business is thriving and looking for a bigger location. 


The very BEST Room Air Purifier
Portable, with ULAP filtration, Negative-ions and Ozone-free
 On The Market Today.