Personal Experiences With Seizure Disorders

Seizure Disorders are very concerning. The experiences posted here are unsolicited and unedited.

Nothing written here is meant to implied you will have the same success or failure. This is information only, about real people going through real experiences with seizure disorders.

We urge you to remember, seizure disorders can be caused by a variety of reasons. The stories posted here are meant to be of interest by hearing the experiences of others---much like being part of a support group.

If you, or others you love, have or have had experience with seizure disorders, and would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

Seizure Disorders: Submitted by David 2010

My brother had experienced seizures 3 - 4 times a week his entire life (since age 9 mos. He is now 48). I heard about a mother who put her 18 month old on a pet pad, because he was having up to 22 seizures a day. Within 2 nights the seizure activity ceased. I decided to put my brother on a sleep system, in August 2001. He is now down to 1 seizure every 5 months... I highly recommend the sleep system. He drinks the PiMag water, as well. David

The pet pad is a magnetic pad designed for pets. The sleep system consists of a magnetic mattress pad and pillow and far-infrared blanket.

Seizure Disorders: Christy 2010

Hi. This is Christie from Northern Kentucky. My husband has epilepsy and he was going through real bad bouts of seizures where he had six seizures in 24 hours. They were uncontrollable. And my son brought home some liquid zeolite from one of his friend’s Moms, and we started giving it to him and within 24 hours ( he was so drugged up that he couldn’t even talk) and within 24 hours he was talking again. Within 2 days his personality was back. That was in June and he has not had a seizure since, and it is now September. So, that is my story.

The liquid zeolite used was NCD

Seiqure Disorders: Paula

Logan is a 14 year-old boy from Birmingham. Alabama. He has Muscular Dystrophy, Leukodystrophy and Epilepsy. At age 9, he was confined to a wheelchair, having five to seven Grand Mal seizures every day. The medications that he was given over the years made his quality of life worse. His parents were desperately seeking a better solution.

Last year, they came to Atlanta to look at possibilities at a major health event. They met Sheri and Jack Clarke at the Nikken Wellness Home booth. Sheri and Jack subsequently traveled to Alabama where they demonstrated Nikken technologies, rolled Logan's back and left a sleep system for the boy to use. The next day, Logan showed improvement and had only one seizure. His parents bought all the components of a Wellness Home.

Today. Logan is out of the wheelchair, a student in regular classes. Is taking ballroom dancing lessons (a dream of his) and has not had a seizure in nine months. His parents are sharing Nikken with a passion and a mission to educate and help others create a healthier and more balanced life. Paula Solomon

A Wellness Home consists of Pi-Mag Water, ionized air purifier, sleep system (magnetic mattress pad, pillow and far-infrared blanket)and nutritionals.

Seizure Disorders: Rita 2010

My most exciting experience is this story of a 4-year-old girl.

She had a stroke when she was born and has suffered terrible seizures since. Recently the seizures have gotten much worse and the doctors could offer little help. The medicine costs to control the seizures are astronomical per month. The family was told that surgery most likely would be the only solution to lessen the seizures - to save this child from becoming retarded.

Two weeks ago I gave my KenkoSeat and Travel blanket for her to use. This was Thursday evening. Already that day she had 12-14 seizures per hour. That night on the products she slept through the night, the first time ever since birth.

Next day she had one seizure in the morning after getting up, but it had been like a "pause", surprised look on her face, no crying after the seizure.

This little girl had lost 6 Lbs during the last month prior to the KenkoSeat. Now she is eating like crazy and is being a regular child. We will be adding more products, but the results for now are absolutely amazing, just with two products. Rita

The KenkoSeat is a magnetic chair cushion and the travel blanket is far-infrared with magnets.

Non-epileptic Seizures or Epileptic Seizures The difference between an epileptic seizure and an non-epileptic seizure.

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